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  1. Finest shipbuilder I've ever met personally. I'd highly recommend the use of Jpopper's Shipbuilding services. I recently returned to Wurm to a ruined deed and sunken ships, far away from my friends. I've dabbled in ship building, but I felt like I wanted to sail to my new home in style and with incredible speed. Jpopper sold me this beautiful raspberrywood caravel with all the bells and whistles... she can move heaven and earth and not a ship on Indy can catch her in a gale
  2. Very good! Thank you, and thanks to everyone whom placed a bid.
  3. Absolutely love Nomads! Thanks for all the fair and reliable business!
  4. Wanted for purchase: stylish shoulder pads. Rares or higher are a plus, but not implicit to my request. Shoulder pads found, thanks guys!