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  1. I wish they wouldnt have delayed the rifts. If they kept them at the same time at least ONE server might be saved from this insane lag when 150+ people show up to one event and absolutely screw everyone else on the server who doesn't care for the rifts. I don't enjoy spending hours and hours with my stamina being broken EVERY time a rift opens.
  2. Cloth Set, 50ql, Dyed dark black. COD to Itkovian please.
  3. Weird, these evil super breeders you're talking about seem to be the ones I see DAILY giving away horses. Don't be lazy. Your attitude about the whole thing sucks and is going to turn away any support you may have gained. Like, GM kill someones horses? Get out of here dude. This is the wrong game for you.
  4. Karlfranz carries on the extraordinary service I always received from Sindusk. Thanks for the amazing Large Anvil mate.
  5. Meditation rug, Cotton, 71coc - 1.2s Meditation rug, Cotton, 80coc - 2.5s COD to Itkovian