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  1. Lol should have had you send it to me when I sent you those clays.
  2. Rare green squire wool cap, can you COD to Itkovian. Thanks!
  3. Got your taste test but missed ya online mate so here ya go, [14:17:05] You think the breakfast might give you more of an insight about halberd!
  4. Hey mate, can I get a fierce combo? Mining, digging, mind logic. But I'll have to do taste test first, please send to Itkovian.
  5. Could I get a Large CCFP (non targeted) sent to Itkovian please
  6. -1 check those sodium levels you're sounding awful salty.
  7. Now how many pages of snark and snotty last-word quips can we get to. Jfc.
  8. -1 This is pretty nonsensical tbh.
  9. I find it hilarious they even mentioned it. Like, they've been getting roasted on left and right for lack of support and communication (not chill peeps) and come back with, "OH HEY GUYS VRS IN THE WORKS!" lmfao.