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  1. yes this is bugged maybe dont breed corrupted horses its moving the trail
  2. How much would you want for all the items together? 

  3. WTS silver

    alright close pls
  4. WTS rare bone

    you get it thank you very much
  5. WTS rare bone

    WTS strange bone 23 silver / euro (pp only)
  6. Hey,


    i`m interested in 2 of your rare adamantine large axes. Do you want silver or €?

  7. i know about all this trust us its really bugged
  8. lags

    okay its weird thank you
  9. lags

    look on it again? the problem isnt on my side
  10. lags sure it must be the settings see any?
  11. lags

    Hello i got some cool numbers for you Dont know why you want my console so badly but i can still post if its really important.