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  1. how about a boat canal all the way to the borders :-D
  2. Only one bridge? Pffttt....
  3. Those ship sails....
  4. Sorry, buddy, you're too early. Go clear trees or build a shack.
  5. Purely selfish, but I'm finally at a point with a character that I can go AFK for a few minutes while out hunting and not worry that I'll come back to the red ring of death. Valrei mobs would change that considerably. I have no interest in seeing drakespirits, eaglespirits and nogumps in Freedom, myself. If I did, I'd go back to Chaos.
  6. if i have a toon on freedom that has 0 skills but has skills on epic, should i move him to epic ahead of this change so that my 0 freedom skills don't overwrite my epic skills? or will a choice be given?
  7. Does signing up mean you have to be there the entire time? Is there any specific date or time this event will happen? Or is it just ongoing?
  8. Nice! She’s home where she belongs.
  9. Guess I’ll start grinding crowbar then....
  10. your dirt wall is boring, i fixed it for you
  11. Tree collision = me never leaving deed again. i hated it before, I hated it in WU, and I'm going to back to hating it again. Ugh. Bad, bad change.
  12. +1 would read again
  13. I've been banging this drum for years +1
  14. been there, done that. wouldn't even give 1 potato to get it back, but good luck.
  15. were some at e15, don't know if they're still there
  16. My submission is what I'm currently most excited about http://content.wurmunlimited.com/News/2017/030/crate.png
  17. with updates to mission items... update temple graphic maybe?
  18. Wilczan, which floors are those?
  19. WHOA! no more having to mine up and then level in caves, and the genesis changes are AMAZING.
  20. to raise gardening skill without having to go out and garden - by improving trellises? That's why I have them, and I wish forestry had something similar.