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  1. Exodus Community Map

    Feel free to add Dulcinea
  2. I'd love to see this for Exo. I swear every other one is walking distance from my deed (not that I'm complaining).
  3. Slaying - Black Dragon Hatchling

    Well done event, thanks for making it public!
  4. When you...

    useless? No skill loss and permanent 25% skill gain, I don't think that's useless, depending on your playstyle. I have an unsubbed PoL alt I use for enchanting grass tiles.
  5. When you...

    Honestly I’m amazed that so many people took pok for the skill cementing. I’m solely in it for the 25% skill gain and these changes don’t bother me at all. I understand the frustration of others, I’m just surprised how many people took this path for reasons other than mine.
  6. When you...

    *non-combat skills, according to my little icon in game.
  7. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    within two hours of grinding leatherworking I got one.
  8. The Screenshots Thread

  9. When they have a baby let me know, I’m hungry for porridge.
  10. please recreate the Sneaky Peaky hotel!
  11. how about a boat canal all the way to the borders :-D
  12. Only one bridge? Pffttt....
  13. 2017 in review

    Those ship sails....
  14. The Screenshots Thread

    Sorry, buddy, you're too early. Go clear trees or build a shack.
  15. (Please Close)

    Purely selfish, but I'm finally at a point with a character that I can go AFK for a few minutes while out hunting and not worry that I'll come back to the red ring of death. Valrei mobs would change that considerably. I have no interest in seeing drakespirits, eaglespirits and nogumps in Freedom, myself. If I did, I'd go back to Chaos.
  16. Valrei International. 040

    if i have a toon on freedom that has 0 skills but has skills on epic, should i move him to epic ahead of this change so that my 0 freedom skills don't overwrite my epic skills? or will a choice be given?
  17. Does signing up mean you have to be there the entire time? Is there any specific date or time this event will happen? Or is it just ongoing?
  18. Black Light on Chaos has moved!

    Nice! She’s home where she belongs.
  19. Guess I’ll start grinding crowbar then....
  20. your dirt wall is boring, i fixed it for you
  21. Valrei International 036

    Tree collision = me never leaving deed again. i hated it before, I hated it in WU, and I'm going to back to hating it again. Ugh. Bad, bad change.
  22. Do you know spider?

    +1 would read again
  23. Temple image

    I've been banging this drum for years +1