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  1. were some at e15, don't know if they're still there
  2. My submission is what I'm currently most excited about http://content.wurmunlimited.com/News/2017/030/crate.png
  3. with updates to mission items... update temple graphic maybe?
  4. bah
  5. Wilczan, which floors are those?
  6. WHOA! no more having to mine up and then level in caves, and the genesis changes are AMAZING.
  7. to raise gardening skill without having to go out and garden - by improving trellises? That's why I have them, and I wish forestry had something similar.
  8. that real long cave tunnel in good shape?
  9. i picked Cherry but only because of how it looks in the winter.
  10. please close
  11. and... it's blue! (free bump)
  12. kicked me out in mid conversation. how rude.