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  1. disappointed, thought you were gonna surface mine this down to sea level 3/10
  2. I don't quite have the FS to travel around much, but this is looking north from the mountain above my deed, towards (I think where the red arrow is) somewhere around the starter deed. https://imgur.com/cQXN2Qq
  3. Am I the only one who thought of this?
  4. obviously I can't read. I'll be over in the corner from this point on.
  5. I'm somewhat curious as to how you would determine which weight class. Any guidelines?
  6. 1v1 Challenge

    I hope you'll post results. esp if Noiz takes you up on it
  7. Nad's on Exo - only one I've been to.
  8. [09:38:01] You are caring for: Unitywest, Halhappy, Rolf
  9. this is awesome to look through. I really wish someone had these of Exodus
  10. I'd love to see this for Exo. I swear every other one is walking distance from my deed (not that I'm complaining).
  11. Well done event, thanks for making it public!
  12. When you...

    useless? No skill loss and permanent 25% skill gain, I don't think that's useless, depending on your playstyle. I have an unsubbed PoL alt I use for enchanting grass tiles.