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  1. Sun was so bright it was shining through a mountain
  2. I don’t want the ui to change. I hope you’ll consider allowing those of us who are happy with it to not have to change.
  3. this. between the lag and the downtime, we got boned on this april perk.
  4. It’s like cele’s old lag and Xanadu’s lag got together and had a baby. It’s unplayable.
  5. LOTRO was the first mmo I ever played and had never needed to come up with an avatar name before. Was watching Star Wars and Chancellor Valorum was on screen so I picked Valorum. first stared Wurm as Valorum, got frustrated, quit, came back a year later, name was taken so I picked Xalorum. So here I am.
  6. A rare .40 butchering knife given to me by Legionnaire not too long before he passed.
  7. bought, please close