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  1. Exodus Community Map

    Feel free to add Dulcinea
  2. I'd love to see this for Exo. I swear every other one is walking distance from my deed (not that I'm complaining).
  3. Slaying - Black Dragon Hatchling

    Well done event, thanks for making it public!
  4. When you...

    useless? No skill loss and permanent 25% skill gain, I don't think that's useless, depending on your playstyle. I have an unsubbed PoL alt I use for enchanting grass tiles.
  5. When you...

    Honestly I’m amazed that so many people took pok for the skill cementing. I’m solely in it for the 25% skill gain and these changes don’t bother me at all. I understand the frustration of others, I’m just surprised how many people took this path for reasons other than mine.
  6. When you...

    *non-combat skills, according to my little icon in game.
  7. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    within two hours of grinding leatherworking I got one.
  8. The Screenshots Thread

  9. When they have a baby let me know, I’m hungry for porridge.
  10. please recreate the Sneaky Peaky hotel!
  11. how about a boat canal all the way to the borders :-D
  12. Only one bridge? Pffttt....
  13. 2017 in review

    Those ship sails....
  14. The Screenshots Thread

    Sorry, buddy, you're too early. Go clear trees or build a shack.