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  1. All up and running, just a few settings to change to suit my preferences and im back Thanks all once again, this can be closed.
  2. @Steveleebyes! that was totaly it, ive done it and the launcher has launched and now installing everything, @whereami@Brash_Endeavors@Dskaggsgvthank you all for the assists. Fingers crossed once its all updated it should work. Thanks so much!
  3. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700k CPU @ 3.70GHz, 3696 Mhz, 6 core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s) It's running 64bit I will try suggestions and post my results. Thanks so far
  4. @Richaunthanks ill have a read and see if it helps
  5. Thanks for the replies, @Nordlyssadly I don't even get the game to launch let a lone a crash to recieve a console.log @JazI did do previously and have again installed the 64bit Java in offline mode, but still I just get what looks like a ghost window open up (as if it's maximising the screen) and then just dissapears. I'm using Firefox, but when I try and launch it takes me to an Internet explorer window to view downloads, try to launch from there and nothing happens. I have tried launching from IE, Firefox and chrome and same result. @gabarsIt's a desktop PC, I've checked all drivers are up to date, I did check that the file isnt read only, it was and I unticked the box for it. Other than that there are no other options. So im quite lost at the moment.
  6. Great seller, well worth your time
  7. Hello techies, I've been trying to load up and run wurm on my new PC, just wondering if anyone has found a way to make it work with windows 10 and what you did please. Ive downloaded the client, and java, however when i try to launch the game, it expands a window as if it will launch and then it just dissapears. That's it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Lulu
  8. 10 blades of enchanted grass at level 7 100 blades of enchanted grass at level 8 1000 blades of enchanted grass at level 9 10,000 blades of enchanted grass at level 10 100,000 blades of enchanted grass at level 11
  9. [07:31:08] Dagobert slain by Spyte Dridmar Great Job on the kill, Wurm U and TC are a powerhouse.
  10. Hi It's cool we didn't raid either, nor have we returned multiple times. Just the one visit to find a group of half the size we had. Can't wait to see you grow and get some kills on TC!!
  11. Forced? and sorry are you not a champ? Did you not visit them, regardless nice try but not the place to spew your own kingdoms agenda.
  12. [06:08:56] Unknownorganism slain by Dagobert Kix Necroedarkslayer Beastwolf Warhead Goodluck and hope you get a bigger group to kickstart your new PMK
  13. not sure what your hoping for? Pm me a counter offer