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  1. this was on a character named Zaafran.
  2. while trying to cross servers with course plotting i experienced several glitchy behaviors: 1. repeatedly dropped from my ship when close to the crossing point, regardless of heading. 2. repeatedly respawn at 10 meter height (the height of my corb's mast), with a fraction of a second interval between respawns. 3. i lost everything i wore on the character. relogging didn't seem to help, but after i left the game for some time it was resolved. most of the glitch occurred on melody ~F6 when trying to cross to Harmony i opened a ticket but was notified since i cant track the crossing in which the loss happened i should try the forum (i was server hopping). the gear i lost was ~30ql sword, starting shield, starting belt, 30ql studded boots and some 10 ql uncolored pants and jacket. can i please have them back?
  3. did you get the dirt? i might be able todo the delivery part.
  4. well the title say it. caravel, 80ql linden, 10s runed for going fast, you gotta! 7.6% wind, 5% vehicle speed! contact Qaefran or Qwizat in game!
  5. we are setting up a business in eden! we make bulk items so we can afford prem :3 we strive to offer the best prices in the game! xanadu newspring island. we sell: bulk items: essential for making other things! bricks 1.5 s/k mortar 2.25 s/k beams 2 s/k grass 1 s/k clay 1 s/k coal 3 s/k ash 2 s/k tools: useful for performing tasks! 70ql 15c 80ql 25c 90ql 1s enchants (vynora): let vynora have meaningful lasting bond with an item of your choosing! 35c for 70+ . it can be a 95 power and you will still pay just 35c !!! quite possibly the best deal in wurm. ask me about: nails, support beams, arrows, sails, sprouts, logs, high fives and more! CONTACT PM or leave message to: Zaefran Qwizat (same names in forum and game) ideas, advice and orders are most welcome free delivery to coastal regions in 5s orders large crate 10c or replacement
  6. Bought bulk mats, sale and delivery went great !