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  1. Your character has to be online.
  2. The GMs had some fun while we were waiting for Storage Wurms to start, turning players into goblins to form their own goblin army:
  3. We're using the Team feature for the impalong to coordinate between staff. However, because people have to log out occasionally, we have to keep reinviting them, which is hard to do for this many people. If the team were remembered when you logged out then it would be much more useful. Maybe drop when you change servers or haven't logged in for a week to prevent teams from growing endlessly.
  4. Did you know there's an improve keybind? That's what most people use instead of the two options you listed.
  5. I was mostly thinking of cochineal, coal and fur, but the rest would be pretty useless, so you're probably right that it should just be pelts.
  6. See this thread for details on just how messed up this is: You're really shooting yourself in the foot by grinding past 50 AH in the current system, which should show that the system needs to be fixed or redone.
  7. Discovered today while mining. "Brilliant" is unlocked by mining a QL90+ ruby or a fantastic gem of the other types. It should be QL90+ for any gem. "Fantastic" is only unlocked by mining a fantastic ruby. It should be fantastic for any gem.
  8. It sort of sounds like you want to play a different type of game. Do you think Wurm to change a fundamental characteristic (effort turning into skill) just for you?
  9. "Player god missions should no longer spawn on Freedom." This cut the missions active at once from 9 to 3. While I understand the point of the recent updates have been to make fewer missions that are more rewarding, this change hurts because all the other changes do nothing to prevent the problem of next-to-impossible missions eating up space on the mission list. Solution: Fix the missions so they are all feasible and people won't mind the lower number. "Missions now last 7 days instead of 3." This undocumented change also makes sense in the context of making missions easier to complete, but only if the missions that never get completed are removed or made easier. As it is, we've had the same 3 missions on Xanadu for 3 days, and while one will finish I expect the other two to stick around for the rest of their 7 days. Solution: Cancel missions that have less than 25% after 3 days. Allow missions that have 25% or more after 3 days to go the full 7. Now for the various mission types and why they work well or poorly as they currently exist. Ritual Missions: Before the updates, it was possible to map out all the ritual monuments so that you could travel to the correct one. This itself was a fun sort of quest, but I understand the point of changing this as it allowed people to monopolize these missions. However, the change has only made it worse, as there are now hundreds of locations, growing every day, and on large servers like Independence and Xanadu it is simply not worth the time to search for a ritual monument. Some missions of this type have been completed since the update, but only ones that people already happened to know the location of. The vast majority of these missions are failing now. Solution: Before the updates, it was suggested that these missions be broadened to any monument of a specific type. This is still the easiest and fairest solution. Another possibility is to add some way of finding the monument in question from anywhere on the server, to keep the sense of exploration while making them somewhat possible. Tree Missions: These remain a crap-shoot. Either someone knows where the deed is, or the mission never gets completed. Solution: I can't think of a way of fixing this without removing the privacy of the deed in question, so I think they should just be removed. Or make it a random tree on the server but give some way to find it from anywhere on the server. Slay and Sacrifice Missions: Some of these missions are possible, such as killing common creatures, and some are nigh-on-impossible, like killing champion whales. Solution: Limit these missions to creatures that spawn on grass, tree, steppe and sand tiles. Do not include modifiers like champion. Sacrifice Hidden Items Missions: These missions seem fine. I usually see them finish quickly if it's just 4 items or creep up slowly and eventually complete if it's more. Solution: No action required. Creation and Sacrifice Missions: These missions are completed if the item is simple and the quantity is reasonable, but not otherwise. Solution: Use the complexity of the item in question to reduce the number of items required. For example, there was a 100 stone benches mission that failed on Xanadu recently at under 10% after 3 days. Benches require 5 items to create them, so maybe this should have been 100/5 = 20 benches. I don't know much about the missions that only spawn on PvP servers, so I can't offer any advice on those. Do those still exist? If so, do any of them need tweaking?
  10. All butchered drops. When you get a rare roll when butchering it should choose one of the non-meat items at random and turn it rare.
  11. I also mapped all the monuments, which on Xanadu was no easy feat. However, now every monument is a valid spot, not just the 17 (?) constructed at the proper time. This means hundreds on Xanadu, increasing with every passing day. It is no longer feasible to know where even a fraction of these are.
  12. If that were the aim, why are missions on traitor creatures and specific monuments the way they are? Even on smaller servers these missions aren't commonly completed. On Independence and Xanadu they're so difficult you'd generally be wasting your time. Even if these missions gave 10 times their current rewards, people wouldn't spend days searching a quadrant of Xanadu for a single creature or monument. These are not new concerns, mind you, these are concerns that were aired when we were asked for our feedback on missions that resulted in these changes. You've cut the number of missions active in third but not done anything to the impossible missions. If you want these to be tough but possible, you could make it so you can always see which direction a traitor creature and monument is in. Or open the monument missions up to any of that type (Foundation Pillar or Shrine or whatever).
  13. Instead of players with branding permissions getting full permissions on animals automatically when branded, there's a separate category for them now. This prevents people from inadvertently keeping permissions on village animals when they leave the village.
  14. You're not even halfway to 100 but I would vote for metal detector.