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  1. Yes, if they just add a skill and allow it to have food affinities it will change all your food affinities. This is why when the fix for the missing affinities was put in I assumed that meant they were never going to add new skills.
  2. What will your /caredfor list say on their original server in the meantime? Will there just be an empty name in the list, as in "Lightningbrisk, , Rolffast" or "Lightningbrisk, Unknown, Rolffast", or is it handled more gracefully?
  3. Yay!
  4. Nothing has changed, it's still just broken. I ran simulations and found that higher AH hurts your chances to breed the horses you want to. The instant you hit 60 AH you're already screwed. See this thread for details: The whole trait inheritance system needs to be rewritten, in my opinion. A vastly simpler system could produce occasionally random but saner results.
  5. I'm pretty sure this will be fixed in the same patch because it sounds like Jberg fixed this already (with a little help from a player):
  6. Found one at long last!
  7. I'll take it. Mail it to thorgot, please.
  8. I can see where you're coming from. As this idea came 100% from me and wasn't directly copied from WU server code, I am incredibly invested in defending it. With that said, delivery has only been a small part of the Wurm economy, and automating delivery will surely increase both supply and demand for bulk goods so losing that part will not be missed.
  9. I think it would be neat if you could purchase wagoner contracts. When you use them, it sets down a depot, let's call it a "Wagoner Resting Place". Then you can buy from and sell to other players who have done the same who have set them up on the highway! This would be for bulk goods of course. Let's say the wagoner contract will cost 5 silver to prevent them from being everywhere. Just came up with this idea myself without seeing it in the WU source code and thought I'd post this completely original idea.
  10. If you're really that paranoid, use something like Enpass. You store the password repository wherever you want, and it is encrypted so even if someone steals it they would not be able to decrypt your passwords without your master password. The real advantage of password managers is that if someone does break into one or more of your accounts, it is trivial to generate extremely strong new passwords for some or all of your accounts without having to try to remember them. Compare this to using a strong single shared password for all of your accounts without a password manager, where if someone breaks into an account you have to remember every site you used it on. Like you say, these are dangerous times. A password manager is not perfect, but given the limits of human memory, it is far better than having a lot of weak passwords that you have to memorize, or using a strong single shared password for multiple accounts that you have to remember to change every time a company gets hacked.
  11. If you read on in that thread you'll see that it is impossible to get Diabolist. If you use two or three or four black items then you get a special title (not Diabolist), and if you just use one black item you can't have a majority black (because then you just get the title of that item). I just checked WU code and this code hasn't been updated and there are no new black sorcery items, so it is still impossible. But this is all somewhat moot, as most players agree sorcery titles have no place in personal goals.
  12. The best possible average skillgain in any skill is just over 50%. At 90, even with a QL1 rug, the best you can do is around 40%. Your anecdotal evidence is not useful when math exists to calculate these things. Meditation is the only skill where you can go a few days without gaining it. The idea behind games where you grind is that you get caught up in a positive feedback loop where you see a number going up and that makes you happy. Meditation is unique because Rolf messed with this feedback loop and added a chance of the number not going up for hours or days at a time, thus breaking the feedback loop. He got away with this for every other skill because when the number doesn't go up, you can just try again immediately. Lockpicking is similar but less useful and has such a short timer that even on a bad day you can always gain a few ticks, maintaining the positive feedback loop.
  13. Bump for the meditation rework. It's been more than 5 months since I've tried to gain meditating because of how much it messes with skill grinding with 1.3 food affinity mechanics. After many years of studious meditation grinding this skill is now closed to me if I want to grind any other skills.
  14. I have 95 meditating and I 100% agree. It should give 1/2 as much skill per tick but give skill every time using the same timers as it currently does. This would make the skill much less depressing to grind.
  15. You also had to have cast Courier on the puppets, which no sane person would have attempted without knowing its effect.