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  1. With hell horses, going from the 70s to the 90s in taming is super helpful, though very time and resource consuming. Even at 90 you'll rarely get submissive, but at least you'll fail less and less.
  2. When you...

    Plus, most people on PoK are on it for the skill gain with the death protection being an extra bonus.
  3. Sent back to Dwain at QL99.00045. Good luck with your achievement! I'm happy to reimp it to QL99 from QL98.999 for free a few times if that's required, just keep replying here or send me a forum PM.
  4. I like this idea because it would bring blood into line with other valuable items that get mailed. They added enchants to the mail dialog, for example. But if someone says they're mailing you a monkey dragon blood, and you get it and make a potion and it turns out it was donkey dragon blood, you're out some money.
  5. lol Do you want me to tack on an extra silver or two because you feel generous or should I send it back for 8s when it's done like we agreed?
  6. I stand corrected. I would improve it to QL98.99 for 8s.
  7. Before I give you a price, do you have the skill to improve it to ql99 once it is at ql98.99? By my calculation you would need at least 98.702 carpentry skill to do this.
  8. There is one already, "The Lucky One".
  9. Same but without the alcohol and with more "MD is fat" jokes.
  10. Janitor is 50 repairs. 50*108 = 5400. beaten
  11. They are still all there, too. We really need a trash heap heap to put trash heaps in. For me, all I had to do was report the bugs with my personal goals, including how to fix them, and then wait 3-6 months for them to be fixed. I also had to be fairly lucky and not have any personal goals that would have made it a waste of time, like sorcery item ones or the fantastic item one. I'm sure some of the alts finishing their personal goals were created for that purpose (the cheese ones), but most of them were already existing and their owners saw they had a reasonable list.
  12. Was it fixed? Or did a GM give you the achievement?