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  1. Why would 100 skill transfer across then? That would be very unfair and will make everybody who ground a skill up to 100 on Freedom feel really dumb about their choices.
  2. Recipe.addAchievements() is where achievements are unlocked for cooking recipes. This looks correct for wine and should be fairly self explanatory: if (at.isInLiters()) { performer.achievement(this.achievementId, newItem.getWeightGrams() / 1000); } else { performer.achievement(this.achievementId); } Note that getWeightGrams() is an integer. Wine ferments all at once so this should be fine for this achievement. For distilled liquors which drip in little by little I don't think this works and I can't think of an easy fix. For now let's focus on wine because of its status as a personal goal. Moving on, recipe.addAchievements() is called in two places: ItemBehaviour.handleRecipe(), for active recipes. I don't think any recipes that have an action timer have achievements associated with them, but if they did this would trigger them. TempStates.checkForChange(), for cooking recipes, like making pizzas, cakes, or tea. Absent from this list is Item.pollFermenting(), which is where fermenting wine turns into wine. Popping this line into that function should fix the bug: recipe.addAchievements(lastown, newItem);
  3. ItemBonus.checkDepleteAndRename(final Item usedItem, final Creature owner) checks if the owner it has the buff the item gives. If so, it depletes the item by 1. checkDepleteAndRename is called on every item in your inventory in Creature.pollOwned(), not just the items you are wearing. This results in all the jewelry of the type you're wearing losing charge. As a test, when someone put on a new necklace of focus, the other 2 in his inventory became "used" as well. To fix, you'd want to check if the item was worn in pollOwned before calling checkDepleteAndRename().
  4. In the video they mention it recharges like foraging. So yes, but you'd have to wait.
  5. I got confirmation on irc that they're replacing two skills. My money is on Artifacts and Turrets.
  6. Bump. AH is still somewhat broken and could use a tweak if not a complete overhaul.
  7. It's 5s at the moment in the WU source, but obviously they could change that before release.
  8. Wow way to steal my idea! Just kidding, I can't wait for this, I think it will be very nice.
  9. That's not a dumb question, Retrograde suggested I do the same thing. The problem is that it takes hours for my food to drop down to the point where I can bite 5 or 6 affinity meals, which is how many skills go up when you grind most skills in Wurm. Essentially, the choices for people with high meditating are all bad, and the least bad is to not grind meditating once you have all the meditating powers. All I'm asking for is for another choice that doesn't prevent anybody who wants refresh ticks from getting them but lets people who want to grind effectively to also grind meditating at the same time.
  10. Bump. 9 months since I stopped meditating every day because of how negatively meditating affects my skillgain.
  11. I would quite like to see this too.
  12. Agreed. A keybind would also be greatly appreciated for maximum efficiency.
  13. In getKnowledge (both versions) and setKnowledge, the Weakness spell is applied to skills only if the skill is Body Strength. In alterSkill and setAffinity, Weakness is applied to all player skills. This would explain the weird behavior historically where Weakness only strikes skills that you gain in. I don't know which way it should be, but either getKnowledge and setKnowledge shouldn't gate on Body Strength, or alterSkill and setAffinity should. My guess is that alterSkill and setAffinity should, simply because the spell's description is "removes one fifth of a creatures strength".
  14. Looks like you get that achievement when the structure no longer exists after you hit it. Either it is from before wall plans remained after catapulting a structure or it never worked. My money is on the latter. The check to get the achievement in currently is: if (t.getStructure() == null) It should probably be: if (t.getWalls().length == 0 && t.getFloors().length == 0) But I don't know enough about structures to be sure about this.
  15. I'll be there! 100 carpentry, 99.9 FC, 90 Fletching, Shipbuilding, Toymaking, Bowyery, Cloth Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing.