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  1. There SHOULD be an achievement for this!

    There is one already, "The Lucky One".
  2. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    Same but without the alcohol and with more "MD is fat" jokes.
  3. People who keep wining the game

    Janitor is 50 repairs. 50*108 = 5400. beaten
  4. People who keep wining the game

    They are still all there, too. We really need a trash heap heap to put trash heaps in. For me, all I had to do was report the bugs with my personal goals, including how to fix them, and then wait 3-6 months for them to be fixed. I also had to be fairly lucky and not have any personal goals that would have made it a waste of time, like sorcery item ones or the fantastic item one. I'm sure some of the alts finishing their personal goals were created for that purpose (the cheese ones), but most of them were already existing and their owners saw they had a reasonable list.
  5. Personal Goals Change

    Was it fixed? Or did a GM give you the achievement?
  6. Personal Goals not updating

    Wine is bugged, here's the thread explaining what's wrong and how to fix it. The other one works fine, that was one of my diamond personal goals.
  7. 1. These are interesting points. I don't think they are worth fighting for. 2. While logically true, if you could put both on, saddle sacks would go from a tiny bonus to a 2x bonus (since instead of storing a small amount more, you'd be able to store twice as much). 3. The news said "A separate option to access saddlebags independently of the equipment menu is in the works, but not available at this time." So this suggestion is already in the works.
  8. Personal Goal ( Wear Jewelry)

    Likely you already had all three required achievements (Invisible:EquipRing, Invisible:EquipNecklace, and Invisible:EquipBracelet) when it was fixed, meaning there was no way for you to trigger them again. You'll likely need a dev to fix achievements like this so they are rechecked on login, or someone with access to the DB to remove the required achievements so you can do it again.
  9. More information about the mission:
  10. 2017 Xmas Saddle Sacks and Saddle bags

    Small magic chest fits in a saddle sacks, not in a saddle bags (both unruned) edit: with a zinc rune of magranon, it fits in both.
  11. 2017 Xmas Saddle Sacks and Saddle bags

    Clearer screenshot:
  12. It's on a different deed, sorry. It's the tree mission active on Pristine at the moment. The deed it spawned west of was "Paradise Valley", the deed it spawned on was "Mount Utopia".
  13. As missions now last 7 days, this seems very bad:
  14. One-click queue filling

    This post is hilarious. Thank you for giving me a laugh.