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  1. Haha, he is a smooth talker no doubt. I barely had time to say hi before we were off! I'm looking forward to the WWN as well, can't wait to see where it goes! Hey, thanks for asking! My internship ended two weeks ago, but I finished the interview on my spare time. I'm hoping to remain involved with the game in some way, love the guys at code club as well as the community. We'll see how it pans out! As a side note, I found the section about his time at Funcom to be really interesting. To me it really highlighted the difference between working at Code Club as opposed to a lot of other game companies.
  2. Hello everyone! While the all the in-house developers may have been covered previously, there still remained mr "Weekly Updates" RedBaron_Johan to be talked to. =) It's a long read this time around, but well worth it! Click here to read! Happy Wurming! /Lars
  3. Indeed. I may or may not have reached over and patted him on the back when he said that. Souls-bro! I'm gonna do an interview with the one and only RedBaron tomorrow, so it will likely be posted during the weekend! =) It will be the final interview unfortunately (my last week as an intern) but all the in-house people have been covered at least!
  4. 'Master Butcher'

    Sweet, congrats!
  5. Hello everyone, how's things? Closing out our series of interviews with the in-house developers of Wurm Online (yes, there's only four of them) is client-programmer Alexander Åström! Click here to read! Have a great day everyone! /Lars
  6. I won't be able to crank out an interview today, since I have my vacation week. My woman is making me do all kinds of weird stuff. how about we just relax and eat some ice-cream or something? nah, lets go CLIMBING IN SPIDER-INFESTED CAVES! here's a picture of my butt when I got stuck in a crevice. /Lars
  7. I've done an updated interview with content that I previously cut out. You can find it here! I know what I'm proposing at the next staff-meeting! Haha, at least you got your priorities straight.
  8. That's alot of creatures who doesn't give a damn about gravity. Regarding the topic, I can say the guys here are aware of the distribution/density-issues and are looking in to it.
  9. No worries, he will keep on doing the weekly updates once he gets back. Ok guys, I'll get to work on the expanded interview, shouldn't take too long. Edit: Btw, I'll go easier with the trimming in the future, I underestimate people's online attention-span. I always assume everyone is as easily distracted as myself.
  10. Yeah, I thought it was great as well. It wasn't super surprising to me though, knowing Rolf. ^^ Next up is the second piece of the two-piece programming-puzzle, Alexander "Haradur" Åström. Although I was considering interviewing a player next week (im running out of developers lol) but we'll see. Btw there was a sizable amount of content cut this week because of time-restrictions, but if there is any interest I can put up an "extended edition" of the interview during the weekend. The stuff I cut out was mostly about more specific parts of the work-process, but since it was interesting to me maybe it'd be interesting to you guys as well.
  11. EDIT: I've updated the interview to include content that I previously cut out. You can find it here! Another Thursday, another interview with Wurm-people! This week we chat with server-programmer Erik Nytting! Click here to read! Take care y'all! /Lars
  12. mob spawns

    Hey. I'm going to talk with Rolf about this when he gets back. Also, most of the programmers should be back here next week, so I'll see what I can find out from them.
  13. I misinterpreted what he said; Rolf's exact words were "marketing stuff that's not entirely complete", so it is probable that he's referring to when they are going to announce the new stuff. Not that their plans aren't set in stone... I apologize for that. As to when Johan plans to reveal whatever is coming up or what it is, I have no idea. I can investigate the matter though.
  14. I did ask about the secret project(s) actually, but the answer was basically that he couldn't say much about it for marketing-reasons, and because not much's been set in stone yet, so I didn't think it was worth putting in the interview. He did say that they are all related to Wurm and the future of Wurm though. I wish I had more to spill, sorry guys!
  15. Click here to read! The second part in our series of interviews with the staff behind Wurm Online is with Rolf "Wurm" Jansson. Have a great morning/day/evening! /Lars