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  1. Yeah that would be great. If it could check eligibility as well as total number it would save me several wasted days of premium. I will become the devs personal pottery slave if they can make this happen.
  2. Ahh sorry about that. I forgot that I made the first few entries in my journal months ago.
  3. I used a similar method to make my rare cart; only imped from 1-40ql since I have a 90%+ chance of successful action. No queue, only one action at a time. Burned them down with lava each time. Got 3 rare rolls, and rared on the third. Took maybe 4 or 5 hours.
  4. Almost ANYTHING you do can consume your rare roll. Right clicking, combining items, taking items out of the bsb, if you're doing anything besides just keybinding improve and repair, you're reducing your chance of rare. Also, if you queue several actions, anything past 20-30 seconds is reducing your chance of rare. For example: Action 1: 10 seconds Queue action 2: 12 seconds Anything after this probably isn't going rare Also, queueing multiple actions before you know if they are needed will use your rare window too. If you queue improve, repair, improve on the same item, you just lost 2 chances if the first was successful. Or If you're queueing lump, water, sharpen, etc. All those other actions just used your window.
  5. Could I get AH and Soul Depth for Baldryck please. Also for Aeryck, Archery, Long, Medium, and Short bow.
  6. Nails 20c Drake Hide 20s COD to Aeryck if accepted.
  7. Can we please get some feedback if a sermon you're about to give WILL NOT meet the requirements to reset prayer count? I ruin so many sermons because I don't realize someone got an alignment tick for stepping on a cockroach or who knows what. Would be great if the game checked in the first few seconds and gave you a message that would warn you.
  8. 6 steps, quite a few nasty ambushes. No climbing.
  9. Actually found the map literally laying in the wild, along with a supreme map. Looks like someone died while transporting them on an alt. Rare 97ql. 6 steps, fairly easy to find areas fairly close together. 3 steps were towers, 2 were fairly tall mountains, but one already had a road. All in all I'd say this was easy for a 97ql, which is maybe why the loot sucked
  10. Got em, lemme know if you want them for 3 each and who to send to.
  11. I'll make them for you and cod over if that's 3s each.
  12. Just activated. Thanks for the find.
  13.,387 Gnome 482,1448 Aggiebro 194,1525 Jerka 706,1479 Jerka 98,1584 Louhi 418,1647 Syirian 570,1607 Syosis 738,1527 Panzerlancer 154,1588 Feffersv 834 (Jeffer's Folly),1528 Godrobotswife 474 (Robotic Protection Unit)
  14. Not sure what information you need, but this is the message from Mag Obelisk when purifying (which share pray timer). [14:30:41] The Otherworldly Monolith feels slightly more stable now!
  15. Looks like WA needs updated for holy sites. Actions at holy sites use prayer cooldown and offer increased faith gain on sermons so WA will not no you are out of prayers, or that a sermon wasn't actually successful in resetting prayer count because the gain was higher.
  16. This..I don't care what else you feel, but we should all agree with this. Truest thing said in this entire thread.
  17. That makes sense I suppose. Why not "Ended" or "Sold" though? Why need to lock the post? I suppose there is no good reason to ever post in the topic again, just seems like extra work to let something die.
  18. Why do people ask that their WTA or WTS post be closed, and more importantly, why do we delete the original title? It's very helpful to be able to search old posts to get price checks. Is there some advanced Trade PVP tactic that I am not aware of? Is the information truly private? Are we protecting the buyers identity? If there is a good reason, then please enlighten me. Otherwise, can I ask, for the good of the community, that we leave useful information intact in closed sales topics? If we do need to close, please leave the subject intact. But why even make the forum mods do extra work in closing the post? This is just my opinion, but I think keeping sales information transparent helps an informed public make equitable decisions for both parties, which improves the health of the community. **Edited to hide the identities of my examples, lest some think this is casting shame. These were just the first examples chronologically, I personally love every person who made these posts, and have both bought from and sold to them.**
  19. Could I try some oranges please. Orange Crab Orange Pale Tangerine Just need a kg or so of each to test them out. Whatever price is fine. Thanks!
  20. Yes please I will buy this 10s