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  1. Yup happens to me too on unstable. Happened to a friend too but I figured it was just him being bad at clicking until it happened to me too.
  2. +1 25 villages left my alliance
  3. Please more damage resistant lamps off deed when on public road. Already doing a public service to imp, plant and enchant, should last longer for the community.
  4. At least one person is
  5. Don't believe they said it would be PvP only. I suggested it, but don't think is bug.
  6. TC were offering 350 or 400 silver each for a while I believe.
  7. I always thought you looked like the Olson twins.
  8. I'll take yo knife please
  9. What's with all of the hunting and penning hate? Nothing stops ANY player from hunting and penning a Unique. The only reason they are reserved for the few is because few make the effort to find them. Making them harder to find and preventing control of them is just going to result in greater demand and bat-######-rage responses when they are contested. On smaller servers I will admit there is only about a 48 hour window to find one before the hunters get to it but how often is the unique found randomly in the 48 hour period by wandering players? Not announcing its presence isn't going to increase the number of incidental finds. It is only going to make hunters work harder, which maybe wouldn't be unfair, but why should they? The ONLY broken mechanic is the players willingness to hunt and share. I have considered the idea of Tracking activities triggering the spawn too but this would mainly make it easier for existing hunters. There are still more organized hunter groups than there are disorganized solo-hunters. Any change to make finding Uniques easier is just going to make it easier for Hunters too.
  10. 80ish ql. 4s?
  11. I've got a blank rare oak and a fully casted steel if you are interested. I can check the exact enchants later.
  12. lol who the F voted no on this?