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  1. One hand spear please

    Honestly, I just want the visual back. Please allow me to bug-equip shields to my right hand again. It wasn't hurting anyone.
  2. One hand spear please

    All the +1.
  3. WTS Uttacha Slime 150s

    Prefer silver but may do euro if you have a good reputation.
  4. [SOLD] White Dragon Scale

    I’ll buy you scale, dear friend! Send to Aeryck please.
  5. Sure I can probably do it. Lemme check what ML my alt has.
  6. Valrei International. 065

    Defeat goals can be done with sparring. Find a friend or alt, strip down and takes 15 seconds.
  7. I am interested in enough black dye for a large cart, but your price confuses me. Is 2.5s for LARGE cart or small? At 30c per kg a large cart would be 7.995 silver. If it is in fact 2.5s, CoD to Aeryck please.
  8. Only reproduced with Rare Saddle. Normal saddle did naught. After equipping rare saddle and normal saddle bags you can remove the bags and the visual stays. Works even after you remove the saddle and place it on again with no bags. Works on multiple horses. Function does not stay though.
  9. WTS Red Dragon HoTA and Silver

    1s for rare needle. To Aeryck if acceptable.
  10. Pottery wheel to replace hand

    Wheel doesn’t make sense to replace hand, but something should. Slip could be a good substitute. Could be made by potters with a max ql dependent on skill and materials like bricks and planks. Could be combined like clay and enchanted.
  11. Plz close

    My prices are Here if you are interested. FYI Amphora ql doesn’t matter and they don’t take damage in deed, if you want to save in cheap amphora. I will be gone for a week though, but could make when I get back.
  12. Share your titles

    Your title is now Potter Master Potter.