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  1. COD a tent to Kalafast please.
  2. Still needed. About to build a mountain bypass and would be great to know what I am getting myself into before deeding.
  3. [close]

    Is yellow too...
  4. [close]

    Guess close for now
  5. Wurmiversary 2018

    They are 100% linked. Just gotta figure out the rest of the clue
  6. WTS Passionately Red Ruby

    FYI this item is worth approximately .33-.50 copper per quality. Possibly more if it is under 10ql.
  7. Supreme Strange Bone

  8. [sold] Uttacha Slime

  9. Supreme Strange Bone

    I bid one everlasting friendship and an all-access pass to my birthday party.
  10. QOL - Meditation

    lol to be fair this is a valid point.
  11. [sold] Uttacha Slime

    This is for 1. Already sold the other 2 for 150 each.
  12. [sold] Uttacha Slime

    Nobody wants True Strike?
  13. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Removing harmless visual “bugs” that made me look like a Greek God.
  14. QOL - Meditation

    +1 You design for the masses and protect against the margins, not the other way around. The "must move 10 tiles" rule is bad. Whatever behavior it was meant to protect against cannot possibly be more important than the satisfaction of the other 95% of your customers.