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  1. Please make cosmetic items such as Troll King Crown and Goblin War Bonnet a skin token so it can be applied to hat of your choice. And add things like Forest Giant club skin, and other cool stuff.
  2. Supreme Iron Hammer 91ql 98botd Starting Bid: 35s Increment: 50c Sniper: 1 hour
  3. Auctioning 2 Rare Copper Stills as a pair. They will distill spirits at 1 quality higher than their input, and will change affinity by 1. Both are close to 83 quality and both have an Iron Fo Rune attached. A iron rune of Fo has been attached, so it will reduce fuel usage rate (10%) Starting Bid: 30s Increment: 50c Sniper: 1 hour
  4. Bugfix: Liquids in recipes will now check weights correctly Did this change make it into affinity calculation as well? Taking a sip of unfermented moonshine used to give 2 hours of affinity. Now gives only 7 minutes.
  5. Ahh this must be what I was noticing. Do you even get any feedback on the tile? When hovering a mine entrance adjacent to a highway tile the ground doesn’t even show “cave floor”.
  6. On your home server you are probably in a village which may give you permission.
  7. I was a naughty boy and used up the last of my clay. clay: BOTD 96: 95c to Aeryck please.
  8. Agreed. CA Help is going to be a quiet *edit: loud and confused* place without you. Sure would be nice to hear some kind of explanation why we lost 3 great staff members.
  9. 3 tiles is too far. Please allow us to erupt within 2 tiles of a cave entrance. The 1 tile restriction makes sense so you cant break entrances.
  10. Please punish all other meditation paths so their abilities are broken.
  11. Sorry to belabor the point, but 3 tiles? Just want to make sure that this distance is correct before I create a suggestion post.
  12. After the Great Lava Spike debacle (18-OCT-2022), Erupt no longer works within 3 tiles of a cave entrance. [19:14:12] There is a mine entrance too close by. Depending on how you calculate it, the entrance is 2 or 3 tiles away.
  13. Would be very nice if we had access to a transaction log for the bank. I hate wondering if my CoD was accepted over night or if I remembered to plug my village upkeep. Would be great if you could export.