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  1. Slaying of the not so angry red dragon hatchling

    lol when I saw semi duplicate post I assumed you were reposting to hide my rightful claim to the bone.
  2. Slaying of the raging red dragon hatchling

    I call dibs on Fantastic Bone!
  3. Buoys

    Can close, thanks.
  4. End of Wurm Jan 2019?

    WTS Karak and Aeryck
  5. Selling All items

    I believe it’s all gone as he dropped his last knarr off at my deed and logged out never to return. He might check in again and prove me wrong, but didn’t want you to wait around too long.
  6. WTA rare mask of the shadow, leather [CLOSE]

    Unless close was changed recently you do take damage to masks when hit in the face.
  7. WTB Single-Named Horses

    Still have Wart waiting for you.
  8. A Horse of a Different Color

    I am for any change that adds cosmetic variety. Dying armor has already made a huge difference at gatherings. I no longer feel like we are living in the children of the corn with our matching metal uniforms.
  9. WTS Ciray 2 bill isk

    What does my 98bil ISK get me? Ready to do a trade?
  10. WTB High QL Electrum

    Quantity and quality depends on how much it costs .
  11. COD a tent to Kalafast please.