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  1. price updated to reflect other offers that I have seen.
  2. WTS one gold coin for $100 USD. Trusted community members or friends only please. Verified PayPal gift.
  3. Got a white drake set without helm/cap. 50ish WA casts on it and ql from 70-90. All pieces but 1 are rare chance runed. Will post pictures later if needed. 85 silver
  4. 15 kg fresh Xanadu source liquid. 15 silver. Free container.
  5. Account was accidentally banned temporarily because Staff thought it belonged to a player who was banned. I know this because I was logged into it when the ban hit. Owner and GMs worked it out and ban was quickly reversed. Also, this toon has supremed 2 items and almost fantasticed one while I was imping with it. Clearly has magical rare powers.
  6. Does lantern damage count as decay or damage? I have a gold lantern and wondering if this makes me happy or sad.
  7. I placed mine at an off deed waystone. It was planted by an ally though, so maybe that’s why I can use it?
  8. I believe the container travels with the shipment, and can be place on any off deed waystone or on deed with permissions. Have it a wagoner container merchant next to your wagoner might be a good solution.
  9. Not sure if bug or not, but remove all permission through the “search permission” option does not affect chests and other lockable containers. A pretty big deal if you sell a character that has permission on your magic chest full of loots.
  10. I beleive we have all types. I am away at the moment though, will check in about 3 hours if you don’t find in the meantime.
  11. Will existing metal properties be changing? Or only adding properties to metals that had none? For example, my Glimmer Spear won’t change properties, right?
  12. No idea what it’s worth so all offers welcome!
  13. Back from a long break and taking orders.
  14. Nahjo Priest Level 11 PoK These skills combined allow you to "suicide teleport" to any deed, starter town, or tent and not lose skills or items in inventory (50% chance on items). I used this to deliver small bulk items such as sprouts or veggies. Also allows easy transport for selling Strongwall, Genesis and Courier enchants. 90+ Faith 80 Channeling 90 (almost) Cooking 90+ Farming 75 Mining Can mine 100ql ore with imbued and runed pickaxe 60 Prospecting Can determine quality of ore and estimated remaining quantity 50 Animal Husbandry Ideal level for breeding 5-speed animals Can Load, Ride Horses, and Command all ships *Corn hat not included Sold