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  1. Can we give Thorgot a nother red cherry? He is so awesome!
  2. If you want to buy from Wiluss (or anyone for that matter) I can deliver them for 1s each.
  3. For those interested: with 80+ woa this compass should be instant, or very near to it.
  4. Please no, do not add... In have already designed my settlement around single-tile gates and would be forced to change it if this option is introduced. So +1 for then idea and -1 for my sanity
  5. Not the first, but still cool
  6. ooooh neat. I'll try this. Thanks!
  7. My issue isn't leveling, it's changing a tile from dirt to sand when it is a great slope.
  8. Instead of requiring that dirt and sand be dropped to convert a tile, which is incredibly difficult when working on steep slopes, I suggest we be able to activate dirt and convert a sand tile and vice-versa.
  9. I might bid, but that damage...
  10. Want a 70 ql Addy spear?