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  1. Haha this is good to know. I thought I was crazy and bad at orienteering. Thanks for the hard work, art team (and I guess all of staff too ).
  2. Agree. It really is free to try. The game already is unique enough to have narrow appeal, nobody is going to play without spending some money at some point. I made a rare forge and supreme saw my first month of Wurm, but that still only got me so far.
  3. [CLOSE]

    IIRC spears can’t be mailed without a tuned mailbox either. Better double check before you make the trip
  4. Agreed. Bedroll should offer a less than but still useful alternative to bed.
  5. Sorry if this was already asked, but can new characters be made and paid for now and then logged into the steam server when it launches? Want to avoid any kind of rush or lag when server drops.
  6. This is obviously the best decision for the server. In order to help you achieve your goal, may I suggest you start in the middle? That way, if by some chance you fail, you at least got half way.
  7. Is my Supreme Brandy still Supreme?
  8. No, it’s just false advertising to pander to unknowing audiences. And here’s hoping it works!
  9. Some time ago I remember reading some part of a discussion about CoC enchants and characteristic skill gains. The gist I recall was that the increased rate of skill ticks in something like Mining would reduce your overall ability to increase a stat like Body Strength. Some vets were suggesting that to max your stats in the long-game, one should not use CoC. Do I understand that correctly? If so, how much difference are we talking? On my original toon I never felt like I suffered from having used CoC from the beginning, but maybe I just didn’t know what I was missing.
  10. Pretty sure Shydow has both the forestry and beverages skill to do so.
  11. ‘Bliv you still using my Magrannon’s Toothpick?
  12. How many times must we request this? We need 1h spears!
  13. Oh man I forgot about the expansion drama. I had my own settlement annexed twice before I gave up and just joined the city lol. Awesome video, brings back good memories.