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  1. I have 50s for you if you want to do 1s : 1 euro
  2. I dont play anymore, but please spend at least 3s on a good compass. They require 4 90 skills and still have a high chance of failure. Support Wurms potters!
  3. Also vouch. Bought a large sum from me. Smooth transaction.
  4. Who you tryna fool with that fake beard?
  5. All Gone!

    all gone. Thanks all!
  6. All Gone!

    Heavy Metal Cheers You're grounded! sent Sent sent shoe Sent, plus a freebie.
  7. SOLD

    100s for sale.
  8. 3x Rare Forge Rare Oven Rare Kiln Rare large crate Rare small crate rare large chest Bear hota large magic chest +whatever else you can fit while you are here 60s for all. Not taking individual sales until i see if I can get a single buyer. Pickup from N17 Xanadu. Can use my wagon to take down to the docks. Will even throw in a 90ql knarr if you need it.
  9. All Gone!

  10. All Gone!

    Sent sent Sent Sent
  11. All Gone!

    Raked Sorry gone already. Will updated picture
  12. All Gone!

    Guess the hatchet was already gone, sorry. Backpack sent.