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  1. WTB Single-Named Horses

    Does "Dogdog" count? That's only one name.
  2. Long Spear with Small Shield

    I still look awesome, and I still need this: Just code spear to work differently if you are holding a shield and you get a new 1h weapon with no need to add a new skill.
  3. WTS Bunch of Rares

    Helm to Aeryck please
  4. Allow priests to complete personal goals

    Not a bad idea, but they would be as difficult as non-priest goals. Enchant an item to 106 power (or whatever max is) Remove 1000 negative traits with Genesis Etc
  5. Derby of 1075

    Will quizzes begin at that time, or quizzes will happen throughout now and then?
  6. Patch Notes 14/JUN/18

    Another great QoL improvement. Thanks for listening!
  7. Close

  8. Use Bees Wax for Taxidermy

    yup +1
  9. Still willing to do 25c per .01 on the drake if you can’t find a buyer.
  10. Xanadian Inn Megathread

    The Blind Mistress Inn and Brewery N17 Karak Aeryck Active with 8 beds (more next door in barracks), free food and drink via SMC (courtesy of Shydow), and Sac items for sale via merchant. Rest of deed under construction.
  11. Update Fishing

    Didn't read all so not sure if was mentioned; Add ability to fishing while moving in a boat. Give us something to do while traveling.
  12. 10k Trash Personal Goal - Stay in local?

    Does it work to trash stacked items? Can I put 100 corn in 100 satchels?
  13. Wurmiversary 2018

    Spent 6 hours looking for Whispering Woods on Xan. Fond Every Whispering deed except Wooods. If someone finds, please dont tell me because I will rage if I was close.
  14. WTS rares and supremes

    Boots 1.5s each? If so to Aeryck please