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  1. Please give us the option to discard the contents of a BSB, FSB, etc the way we can in inventory. If only for rock shards, fine. But I'd love to be able to do it for any item deemed acceptable.
  2. Permission UI definitely needs updated.
  3. What makes people even respond to OP with a serious answer?
  4.,2677 Ethelread 258,2733 Brattbakk 786,2651 Mrpryor 682,2554 Pinchi 714,2706 Smwoodburn 778,2755 Smwoodburn 370,2307 Dor 994,2765 Obelisk "Deep Fist"
  5. ThinkThank

    This better be some kind of code, because that made no sense.
  6. Gotta bind "take" to scroll wheel for maximum effort.
  7. lol I just clicked this to check the buyout and Bratty got to it before me
  8. Now open for business again. Hopefully I did my math right on my prices lol. Holler if something looks wack!
  9. I’ll buy staff skin but I am traveling this week. I’ll be able to log on this evening and pay via cod if you can hold for me to pick up.
  10. needle, iron: BOTD 83: 27c plus a 70+ botd Scissor if you could make me one please To Aeryck
  11. Here is the fix; way more uniques, but make them way stronger. Make it so that only the toughest players can even stay in combat with them. But make them attracted to weaker players. Make them spawn near smaller settlements, or near players with low skills. Then the lowly peasants have to pay a dragon slaying crew in scale and bones to come and rid them of the dragon. As long as you make it so that this cant be faked or abused, all our problems are fixed.
  12. I guess I am not sure if this is a bug or a suggestion, but special move names no longer match weapon type. The blunt weapon special moves have names like "Sharp Twig" and "Snake Bite" while the piericing special moves have names that make me sad. Can we switch them around please?
  13. WurmNode

    Absolutely love it! Thanks for keeping this intel alive.