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  1. Howdy! I'm selling a starter vynora priest account. It is a female character named Jaggies. Currently "Goodhearted" on the Path of Love. No premium time at the moment. Currently located on Xanadu at Southport, south of Lormere. Sold!
  2. Sure thing, I'll work on that. The problem is my character isn't premium at the moment so when I upload the skill dump it just shows the non-premium numbers. edit: nvm I figured it out
  3. I'm experiencing the same thing. I paid for premium through paypal a couple days ago for my main character and it has not updated to be premium. I did add premium time to one of my priests this morning shortly after the DNS issues were resolved and it seemed to go through okay after some slight delay but my main character still doesn't have the premium time. I'm just going to wait it out and see if it updates soon.
  4. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of 1 copper for easy passive mobs (hens, pheasants, pigs, dogs, deer), 3-5 copper for slightly harder passive mobs (horses, bulls, bison?), 3-5 copper for easy aggros (wild cats, mountain lions, cave bugs, rats), 5-10 copper for medium aggros (wolves, bears, spiders, scorpions) and 10-20 copper for the hardest aggros (trolls, crocodiles, anaconda, hellhounds). Just a thought. Might be a bit lower than what you're looking for but I think something along those lines would be fair.
  5. If it's not too much work for you, I think this would be a great idea. It'd make trolls and whatnot definitely worth killing if they dropped a larger sum of money than easier and passive mobs. I really appreciate the mod in any case, it's helping build a bit of an economy on my server.
  6. If I may make a suggestion for BountyMod, can you possibly add an option to adjust how much money the mobs drop? Me and my buddies went out hunting with BountyMod enabled and we were getting upwards of 1 silver per kill. :U
  7. Awesome! A bunch of people on my server have been waiting for a meditation mod and this works perfectly. Thanks!
  8. Howdy! I've been trying to get a Path of Hate meditation path tile going for a while without much luck. Is it possible to manually flag a tile as part of a path? Thanks!
  9. Howdy! I'm setting up an area with some hota statues on my server although I can't quite figure out how to spawn specific ones. There appears to only be one "hota statue" entry in the Specials -> Create menu and it only spawns the boar with 3 dogs statue. Any idea how to get the others in the game? Thanks!
  10. Yep, that was it. Bumped up his Soul Strength to 21 and got the message: [08:16:08] You now feel confident enough to attack other people. Phantasms now works. Thanks!
  11. Howdy! My friend started playing Wurm Unlimited last week. He made his character a Libila priest on my server but whenever he tries to cast the spell Phantasms on other players, it gives him the error "You are too weak.". Anyone know if he needs a certain skill level in something to cast it? Or is it bugged? I couldn't find any information on this error. Thanks!