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  1. Thank you for the tool and no worries about the delay!
  2. Just checking to see if I can still get the Scythe, if not thats fine.
  3. Thanks so much for the fast service! Can I also get the Scythe 71QL 71BotD 1.3s mailed to Flintlockkatze please
  4. Sickle 72QL 72BotD 1.4s mail to Flintlockkatze please and thanks
  5. Thank you so much for the tools! love them, my friend loves them as well so I was wanting to place another order but smaller lol If the Buy 3 get 1 is still good i would like these: Hammer steel 90ql botd80 Hatchet steel 90ql botd 80 Pickaxe steel 90ql botd 80 Shovel steel 90ql botd80 If its not too much trouble please Also send to Flintlockkatze
  6. Hope you dont overdue yourself working too hard! And i can only imagine how much it takes for a large anvil, would it be possible to get the large to 70ish?
  7. Hello again excellent service you provide! I was looking to place another order, I know youve been given a couple large orders so Im not expecting them soon lol But I would like to order Small Anvil QL 90+, BotD80+ Large Anvil QL 90+, BotD80+ Pelt QL 100, BotD80+ Whetstone QL 100, BotD80+ Rake QL90+, BotD80+ File QL90+, BotD80+ Needle QL90+, Botd80+ If possible, if not what is the highest ql i can get on the anvils?
  8. Hello I would like to order x4 of the 70ql Lanterns, please mail them to Flintlockkatze and thank you!
  9. No worries, hope yall are ok though! Thats the important thing
  10. Request for the buy 3 enchanted tools, get a 4th free: Scissors, Trowel, Metal brush, Hammer all 90ql please All casts requested at 80. Please send to Flintlockkatze, and thank you for all your hard work
  11. I would like to sell my rare unfinished forge for 10s if interested pm Starflint i am not able to deliver to other servers so u will have to pick up i am on celebration i will wait 2 more days then i will take my post down
  12. I would like to add that WIllow Brooke is no longer in Y23 X4 roughly about. I came across the empty land and now have a deed called Thunderclan there. Thank you
  13. Im not sure if this has been talked about yet but something where u can store fish to keep them safe would be nice. Like in winter u can chip ice out of the water to put into the icebox and have a skill with it so that the higher your skill the higher the ql of the ice determines how long it will last? Make more items with milk that you could also add to the icebox I'm sure im not the only one that gets tired of turning my milk into cheese all the time. They could add butter, cream, cottage cheese etc.
  14. I love this idea too its hard getting ur FS up with hardly any mobs around and even harder when u can only find 1 deer a week seems like it would be a great idea for the no builds but this is from experience but something where u can run to would be nice in case ur close to dead and theres a aggro chasing u
  15. if u are still updating this map i have a deed named Thunderclan located in the spot were willow brooke was thank you