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  1. Tower chaining system

    Yes, and Sindusk said on Emoo's stream that it did not apply to Freedom Isles on Chaos
  2. Tower chaining system

    For template kingdoms, are the starter deed AND the capital counted as valid points to chain to or is it one or the other?
  3. Valrei International. 074

    CONGRATS FAB Also, so Haven's Landing is the new tutorial space
  4. You have a moment of inspiration...

    Yes yes of course the people inspire me for many of the same reasons that have already been mentioned but for me, something that engaged me, encouraged me to look a little closer sometimes, pay attention to the small details and inspire me to do the same from the very start, is when people name in game items. From a simple lump, to creations made up from other items, to towers named with coordinates or relative reminders of when they were built. It all reminds me that this game is beautifully interactive and everyone who plays, makes the game what it is. So this might give a little too much insight into my sense of humour but below are just a few examples that I could find of what made me laugh, what saved my arse and what I’ve enjoyed. I hope more people are inspired to name things too.
  5. rework the bonus for meditating

    It would be nice if there were a reasonable mechanic implemented that could fast forward the very long, slow process of leveling up meditation.
  6. Please close

    Easily worth 2 - 2.5g atm Not many on the market
  7. I think some comments are getting off topic. We (multiple if not all active kingdom reps on chaos) discussed our top 5 changes we wanted considered as we; 1. want to promote PVP, 2. encourage new players or new to pvp player to be able to more easily get in the game and 3. Possibly entice old pvp’ers back into the game who may have left due to some of the aspects we’ve discussed. Also, I think a reminder that we are talking about these changes happening to chaos.
  8. After much discussion from representatives across every kingdom with relatively easy agreements in every area this thread mentions, I am for these changes. Please dev’s, listen to your community and consider these suggestions as a whole as we see them as linked points. Many of us are willing to agree to aspects that don’t benefit us so that new players or new to pvp players can more easily get involved. Looking forward to dev’s responses
  9. VD is no longer accepting applications at this stage. As soon as that changes, I will update this thread.
  10. Message me here on the forums, in game or on discord with the info below; Toon name: Forum name: Discord name: Are you SotG? Are you a priest? If yes, which one? Play time (as in GMT and how active you are): Do you have a working mic: Do you have a drake set to PVP in: Any other useful info to help us decide *If you don’t have drake, this doesn’t automatically mean we won’t recruit you. Just like if you’re not a priest or if you’re in some isolated country at the bottom of the map say like Australia >.> Just wanted to clarify
  11. WTA Supreme horse set (all 90+woa)

    Who is a senior mod Shakys? Because I had multiple posts removed from this thread that were in response to Yldrania saying that multiple bids below 150s were hidden and when I asked why one bid wasn’t removed, Yldrania responded by saying that after Kadmint’s message, they stopped paying so much attention as its expected people know how to behave after a mod steps in.
  12. WTA Supreme horse set (all 90+woa)

    The point is, you did. Congratulations on winning this auction. Time to pay up