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  1. QL ~50 Longsword C80 N77 LT67 Ms69 + any demise (2s) send to Januszsram Thanks
  2. Very good idea WURM need more people, more noobs, not only mega-ultra-hight skilled gamers, this is booooooring game with failing economic. So calmly who will play this will be played, who will not, want to kick with a shovel, hit with an ax, and go in a counter strike or in another game to play.
  3. Hello ! I have to sell one pice blue dragon hatchling drake hide 0.84 kg price 0.30 c for 0.01 kg (25 s) (price to small negotiation)
  4. Hello ! Please add Januszsram to rooms :blacksmithing, shield smithing, chain armour smithing, plate armour smithing donations at this moment: gold 70 ql -600 silver 70 ql - 300 stell 60 ql - 300
  5. Thank You Very much, really i was have old version firefox 32 bit, and always download 32 bit java, even when i want 64 bit, now is all good on hight settings.
  6. Sometimes I have such a report, but usually not, the game is suspended does not work smoothly
  7. please send to me Oil of the armour smith, QL 31: 1s Oil of the armour smith, QL 36: 1s Oil of the armour smith, QL 69: 2s Oil of the blacksmith, QL 59: 2s
  8. Hello ! All lumps 2,5 s each. PM there or in game Glimmersteel sold
  9. Please send to Januszsram: whetstone, QL100 BOTD97: 2s 45c pelt, QL100 BOTD90: 1s 59c iron lump, BOTD98: 2s 84c
  10. # 70 rare shield coc ? 6 s pleas code to Januszsram
  11. Win : 1. Davih 2. Davih 3. JudusX