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  1. Hi Pantha! I am looking for an 80ql steel sickle imp when you are free! My ingame name is AncientWaves.Hope you enjoyed the time off.
  2. The Burning Market We are situated in Harmony (L23) Contact me in-game for any questions. My name is AncientWaves We specialize in: Compasses Fruits, nuts, olives etc. (75ql+) Active bee hives Compass list (ordered from lowest to highest quality) Settle time = the time it takes for the compass to go from unreadable to readable. When you hover over the compass it will say "2 seconds until readable". Tiles steady = the number of tiles that the compass stays readable when walking (at 17km/h). e.g. You can move 8 tiles and not have the compass unsettle. For settle times and tiles steady please see this excel document: Cost:: #10 - 36.8ql - 2.40s #20 - 40.7ql - 2.69s #30 - 43.2ql - 2.85s #40 - 45.7ql - 3.02s #50 - 46.0ql - 3.10s #60 - 46.5ql - 3.24s #70 - 47.5ql - 3.31s #80 - 47.7ql - 3.32s #90 - 49.4ql - 3.44s #100 - 50.3ql - WoA62 - 4.87s #110 - 51.8ql - 3.63s #120 - 56.9ql - 4.07s #130 - 57.2ql - 1.6dmg - 3.90s #140 - 57.6ql - 4.17s #150 - 57.8ql - 4.21s #160 - 58.8ql - 4.38s #170 - 60.8ql - 4.70s #180 - 62.2ql - 4.96s #190 - 63.1ql - 5.16s #200 - 67.0ql - 5.50s #210 - 67.1ql - 5.51s #220 - 67.5ql - 5.65s Forestry Goods & Services (75ql+) Goods will be produced when in season if stocks are not available Lemons, apples, oranges, cherries, olives, walnuts - 4s per 1000 Red grapes, Raspberries - 6s per 1000 Woodworking Active Bee Hives - 3s We are happy to deliver for bulk/large items for a negotiable fee. If needed, we can offer the crates the items are delivered in (20c).
  3. Hey Carbon and Lezeht! Any chance you could send over a Bridle to me? AncientWaves in-game.
  4. COVID Memorial Market has been disbanded (1241, 613). You can remove the town and the canal. There is a bridge across the water there... not a canal.
  5. Doesn't look like Battlewall was in the wrong? To him it was just in the wild?
  6. To me the penning seems to be the issue. While I enjoy being able to know when the fight will commence, one person having control of who knows about the unique killing and when it will happen seems problematic. If it was leashed to a public spot, maybe that would encourage more "rallying cries" to get everyone to attend.
  7. I am having the same experience, but I put it down to a number of in-game factors. I've never had more than 1-2 sick animals and yesterday I found 6.
  8. WMADD LatLng(306.056929, 628.571099)=The Burning Loins
  9. Anything we can do about this? There is a month of un-updated requests.
  10. Hi All, Not sure where best to post this, but as a semi-player/afker during the day, the most depressing thing I see is the sheer number of newbie questions being ignored throughout the day. As a new player, I often do not know the answer, and I get that not a lot of people are around during the work-hours, but it is a little heart breaking to see these people trying to figure out the game and not having their issues solved. I don't have a solution/suggestion, just wanted to raise it as a topic to see if anyone else has noticed it or thinks it's an issue.
  11. Well this is a depressing first "unique" kill on the new PvE Servers...
  12. Just so i'm not misunderstanding, you still have to chop the herbs right, then you have to move the water into your measuring jug in your invent and then into the oven? The grind feels to me a bit more than one extra click.