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  1. Anything we can do about this? There is a month of un-updated requests.
  2. Hi All, Not sure where best to post this, but as a semi-player/afker during the day, the most depressing thing I see is the sheer number of newbie questions being ignored throughout the day. As a new player, I often do not know the answer, and I get that not a lot of people are around during the work-hours, but it is a little heart breaking to see these people trying to figure out the game and not having their issues solved. I don't have a solution/suggestion, just wanted to raise it as a topic to see if anyone else has noticed it or thinks it's an issue.
  3. Well this is a depressing first "unique" kill on the new PvE Servers...
  4. Just so i'm not misunderstanding, you still have to chop the herbs right, then you have to move the water into your measuring jug in your invent and then into the oven? The grind feels to me a bit more than one extra click.
  5. On your questions: 1) I never worry about on-deed decay. Try to get a bigger house and store all the things you might be worried about inside. BSBs and things like Large Storage Units can be your friend 2) On meditation, you can slowly keep plugging away at your meditation path and then save up your Marks to buy a path change. 3) On cooking, Refresh is fine, and if you continue to get enchant business, then you could buy a wrapped pizza slice or something to get your CCFP up. 4) If you're on an island, makes sense to put a hold on the animal breeding. Just keep a horse for you to ride on mainland. 5) Foraging is personal, but none of my village mates regularly do it. We focus in on things like farming wemp and building pottery planter racks.
  6. Hi Bloodreina, I have been a silent reader of this thread. While I recoil at the tough restrictions you have put on yourself, I have found it very interesting to see your focuses and progression. Constantly having to hold my tongue at what "I" would do . It's been a good reminder that all paths in this game can be just as addictive and engaging as "find a huge plot of land near forest and water, and build huge structures". The updates definitely look time consuming, but it will be a shame to not hear from yourself again. (Still impressed at that digging skill gain) Thanks AncientWaves
  7. I like the Mammoth idea +1. More large non-aggressive animals roaming the world could be cool.
  8. How does 10 hours of sleep bonus work? I only have a max of 5.
  9. This seems like a huge issue. PvP Priests are massively incentivised to skill gain on PvE as they don't have to be a priest on those servers.
  10. This tool is amazing! So intuitive. I would absolutely love it if you could reload a meal. I often have a "base" pizza that I then adjusted up and down to get what I want. It just sucks to have to remake the 30+ ingredient pizza each time to start.
  11. Hi All, Old player returning after quite a few years. One thing I noticed for the Steam launch is that there is no "Set all to maximum" or "Set all to low" in the Graphics options. Many people have computers capable of running Wurm at very high settings and making it look beautiful. Why not have an option for multiple presets at the top of the page? I see this option in a lot of modern games. You could have a drop down menu with: Lowest Low Medium High Very High Highest And people could pick their preset. Thanks Forests (See you on Harmony)