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  1. 13 hours ago, LorraineJ said:

    This game is dangerous I hear, kids are running frantic into traffic, people are hanging out in places to mug kids, and there have been murders at least according to google. I hope my nephews didn't download it.



    Dont believe thingys on the interwebs or else sirlaw will show up at your door to steal your cupcakes

    and your horses


    Well, you see, Sotg accounts are the top of the line for pvp, a top of the line account with out sotg can run for around 300e.  Now you add sotg and various tomes ans stuff it stacks up fast to around 500e for the resistances.  For example, redhawk was a beast of an account and sold for 850e during the release of WU when the economy died.  If your looking for a crazy account with fighting stats and stuff like sotg, your going to be paying 500e+ 


    The title of your post and what you want to spend do not match at all.