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  1. Just now, LorraineJ said:


    As far as I knew, it had never changed hands until now.




    What exactly was it that you DID want people to bring up? Does he have other griefing stories you're more interested in?


    You dont know because we dont care what you know, we didnt care about your lines of code either that died.

  2. Just now, LorraineJ said:


    Whoa, don't even. I did NOT attack OceanRefuge.


    And I will keep reminding, over and over, whenever someone does something like this. Of course I have more horses, that's not the point. The point is that this kind of thing can happen in this game and nothing has changed. And this kind of thing can happen, and there are people who are fine with it and find it funny. You're all simply proving my point and I thank you for it.


    Why did you bring it up in the first place? It is pointless because it has switched hands so many times


    Edit: Seriously, im 18, and you bringing it up every time the name in mentioned is more childish than some of the stupid things i do


    I am asking, for you, Yes you, LorraineJ, to Grow the ###### up.

  3. Just now, LorraineJ said:

    Nah don't get the ponies. I'm going to bring it up every time I'm reminded of him. Because I'm sure while he was doing it and laughing about it with his buddies, he thought it would blow over the next day. Now people considering doing such a thing can see that it might not go away instantly.

    Get over it, Stop attacking people you dont know.

  4. 2 hours ago, LorraineJ said:


    No, I'm more unhappy that he ever played the game. And I will bring it up, Hoppy, until my horses are replaced or I feel like not bringing it up. If he had done it in a PvP environment I would have said nice shot. What he did was disgusting and I will let it follow him.


    Interesting to see that you love anything about that comment about also killing my horses though.


        Alright, OceanRefuge is one of my friends, and probably one of the nicest guys i know that deals with my bull ######, and if you keep attacking him or anyone that buys this account it makes you worse than the original SirLaw.  Did you know in the middle east Children are being bombed in their own homes, schools, and markets?  That is sad, this horse ###### your pulling with your "70" horses being killed is not. Horses in wurm are not Living animals, they are lines of code, that feel no pain and have no emotions.  Their point in this game is to be killed, used as a mount, and to increase skills.  So my point is, I feel sorry for you, i truly do that you cannot get over the fact this happened over a year ago, and you still cant get over it.  Brandylouwho lost all here unicorns, and other animals multiple times because of deeds disbanding or jackasses in alliance, i dont see her cry over it. Yea shes sad, but she gets right back and breeds new ones which im pretty sure you've restocked your supplies AFTER A YEAR OR MORE.  Also, it was completely Preventable, if you dont want people touching your stuff, lock down your deed.  So next time you want to cry over this, think about the kids, teens and other innocent people being killed.



  5. Just now, Cornchips said:

    we'll band together as a wurm community to bring back the 70 horses

    together we can achieve greatness

    together we can win this fight

    or we can get good weapon skills killing freedom ponys, and free coins \o/

  6. Just now, LorraineJ said:

    Let me know if you feel the urge to kill 70 or so of my horses. The vibration might get to you.

    at this point i would enjoy to do that to you because you keep bringing it up