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  1. Aosp Plate set: 6s 80ql Plate set 3.5s i also have an Aosp studded leather set at 80ql, if anyone is interested for 4s
  2. I should have submitted a good ole Rochester NY Trash plate xD (but no one knows what it is :/ ) (its not actually garbage btw)
  3. yea, ive had this issue with them damaging on merchants, and still to this day over a year ago from its mentioning it hasnt been fixed. Ive lost atleast 20 EMR flags to this and countless other factions
  4. Sold from PM before both of you posted, thank you for your offers though
  5. 100ql Rare red dragon hatching bone, looking for 25s, not really interested in trades
  6. Looking to sell all of these, pm me if you want to do a bulk deal but other than that 5s for the wood cutting potion 1s for anything under 39ql 1s for anything dammaged 1.25 for 40-49ql 1.5 for 50-59ql 1.75 for 60-69ql 2s for 70 to 89ql 3s for 90+
  7. Led Inc.

    Received, thank you for that fast deliver
  8. Led Inc.

    would you do 3s for the rare plate boot? if so mail to Hoppy