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  1. Looking for a place to live and a job

    bump also new skills
  2. Looking for a place to live and a job

    Update: Found a job at Modreth btw big thanks to you guys been an awesome time at your deed. Im still taking other offers though my skills updated quite alot so if your still looking for a traveling worker or a resident working for you send me a PM Skills: also *bumperino*
  3. Looking for a place to live and a job

    Still looking for a job and place to live. To make things clear: - I am willing to move - I want to live at the deep(optional can also work and live of deed) - I want to work and get paid in some sort of way to cover my prem cost ( creating bulk, mining, woodcutting, etc. am open for everything ) Send me a message if you got any big projects or are just looking for some cheap bulk on spot. ( As said am willing to sell under market price)
  4. Looking for a place to live and a job

    i'd like to join the deed make mats and work on projects there. the mats making is just there to cover my premium costs and i would like to integrate myself ontop
  5. Hello everybody, my name is Tri and i've been playing wurm some time ago but kinda lost the interest.. But now im back and am looking for a place to work and live. Im good at producing stuff in bulk like bricks, mortar, planks etc. and am willing to sell it for less than the current market price. I want to work on site at the deed or project you need the stuff at. I am willing to travel to your place. I am currently at Q25 Xanadu. I want to work to pay for my premium and right now have enough Silver left to pay for 15 days. I work hard and also i'm a good companion. So if you want me to work for/with you send me a pm or just reply with your offer etc. Greetings and happy wurming, Tri My skills right now: PS: I know my skills are a bit low but i want to compensate that through hard work
  6. close

  7. yeah i just thought it would be good to directly add it to the selling page
  8. i was selling to a token and got the drumrole after selling an bowstring for 6i. After the message i got the rare silvercoin. I think it may be like foraging that the coin you get is random but its the first drumroll i got while selling so it needs more investegation.
  9. If an drumroll occurs while performing a selling task you get the message:
  10. Found work please close

    Found work please colse