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  1. I'm rather enjoying the map thus far. I spent allot of time finding just the right height map and getting the biomes done in a way I felt was great.
  2. I started generating the map and had one that kind of worked, but the map files are huge for 4096. We're talking 65mb per file. So not really an object for a file transfer. I have a brand new 2048x2048 1x server if you may be interested in. I work from home, so I can get things up and running quite quickly for updates. It's not one land mass, but I feel like I did a pretty good job generating, populating it's biomes, and I'm pretty proud of it. My Server's Map. The server is called Lagenon. If you still really want the 4096 map, I could give you the actions file for the WGenerator, so that it will load it up and you'll just have to save things locally.
  3. Introducing the new server Lagenon. It's a brand new server and map hosted by myself. It features 1x skill rates keeping it close to the original WO experience. We're hoping to get people to specialize in one or two fields and share their craftsmanship with the other players. I spent quite a bit a time tweaking and finding the best generated map I could get from tools available. It provides lots of water access for more boating fun, as well as plenty of space for everyone's projects. Made sure trees and other biome features were distributed well, and did my best to prevent any strange non-natural feel from the land. Check out our map here: The spawn is a work in progress, we're building it ourselves from scratch. The bartender is currently present, and we will be adding a trader shortly.
  4. Hi there, I'd love to start up a brand new 1x server. I'm looking for folk that would be perhaps interested in joining the server. Not looking for commitments but looking to find out how much interest there would be for it. I've been working really hard on creating a really good map to play on. So far this is one of the better one's I've managed to generate. Feel free to leave suggestions on what would make you more interested in playing. - Map size is 1024x1024
  5. Xanadu Map

    23-i Small island in the mountain lake. Settlement name is "Stoneberg" Also like to name the lake "Stone Tarn" if possible. Thanks!