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  1. it seems like on a unbutchered body they could easly add if you use a saw on it you can collect the head and combine it with a shaft and then insert it into the ground the decay rate could be high all i care but simple fact of having it would be an amazing thing.
  2. the reason is to quickly raise up the overall hatchet skill to decrease my woodcutting timer and its going on my low level vyn priest so its not a huge issue
  3. Im looking for a custom hatchet to be made please contact me ingame or forum's, with the enchants listed in the title above.
  4. what time is it at your place now?
  5. Hello im on xanadu north east of Lormere, my brother died last night and we cant seem to locate his body. I am i need of a vyn priest with locate soul, i will pay please get back to me soon. or can pm me in game at ....Aadek