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  1. Can you add Mists to the holy crop list please.. 100 faith 72 chan
  2. Black Friday!

    What time does this start. My premium runs out 21st at 2.30pm utc, may as well wait
  3. Been a backer since 2015, Can't wait for the 2025 release.
  4. Athelmir can be removed from Rite of Death. Thanks.

    Thanks for making it public. I love coming to see so many people
  6. Also I think the fight windows is too big, I have to move it to the side of the screen.
  7. same problem again today. trying to get on for 2 hours now and no luck. Ok its now 3 hours and can't get on.. Am I doing something wrong or should I be doing something. 3 hours and 20 minutes of trying and I got on, yay.. Now it's time for bed
  8. lets hope we can get on and get at least a score of 20
  9. Have the same issue again, damn I'm gonna miss the rift.
  10. 9.30pm uk time and still cant get on Update... 10.30pm uk time and still no access.
  11. Been trying to get on Wurm for over 2 hours and am still getting the same message
  12. What drops that. I already got one but can't remember what did
  13. Damn, My Lib priest missed that. damn work
  14. I do enjoy a good slaying. Thanks guys.
  15. I say, Make Legendaries legendary. Not some creature that 10 people can take down. Make a legendary event like a rift. Make it appear and have minions to fight too. Make the dragons BIG very big, Like Champion ogres or something, Not the tiny little things they are
  16. Thanks for the public slaying.. Much appreciated.
  17. Athelmir is non prem for a while, Due to 80% wages
  18. Like I said.. I was with one. But they didn't let me know when they was doing it. It shouldn't be easy to get it but after 6 years I have a helmet to show for it.
  19. I think all priest attack/heal spells should count and also in Rifts.
  20. Have it so everyone has to do damage to the dragon to get rewards. Make the dragons scale to the amount of people that are there. Make the model bigger. Make them legendary. And thanks to the people who killed the dragon and never invited me and my friend even though we was there to help capture it.