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  1. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Add Athelmir for ROD Libila priest Channneling 48 EU timezone ish
  2. Rift Inde

    Sending an alt
  3. Maybe if we asked other Lib priests from all servers to come to Celebration for a cast on the understanding we go to other servers for their casts or something similar.
  4. WL&BL Sermons at Amore P15, can summon(paused)

    I have 2 priests attending. And it's all going very smoothley and quite serine. I can't wait to finish but also it will be a shame to finish.. There's some nice people here.
  5. My alt has just had this.. He lost 1.7985 body strength while just praying at an altar
  6. WL&BL Sermons at Amore P15, can summon(paused)

    Just finishing my alts priests journal and would love to attend.
  7. Rift Dragon (NOT A NORMAL DRAGON)

    Maybe not a dragon but a Demon.
  8. Kicked for being Idle

    Move when you log in
  9. Celebration Map

    Walmington on sea X45 Y8
  10. Sermons at Xanadu

    I would like to say thanks for helping me get my priest (Standir) to 100 faith. Also for supplying food and drink for the week I was there.. If you you ever need any help then please ask and I will find someone for you Cheers
  11. Sermons at Xanadu

    I hope you don't mind if I send my priest,, Currently 80 faith
  12. Lunar Order Slaughterhouse- Green Dragon

    Cheers guys.. And same 10 hours back home
  13. Oki will give that a try, cheers
  14. Ive tried that too and it didnt work
  15. Both have a fight skill over 70, Both are premium. I was told you can do it on freedom in a duel. But it says use a crush weapon.. My maul skill is low (large mail 17) my staff is 28 but pole arms is only 13.. Would the low skill be a factor do you think.
  16. my alts personal goal is to kill someone with a crush weapon (im assuming large maul) so i moved to desertion and killed someone in a duel but didnt get the goal. Am I doing something wrong.
  17. Priest overhaul testing

    I will keep it as Vyn. The other priests I don't like now. A shame because I wanted a healer priest but it don't seem worth it now.
  18. Priest overhaul testing

    I like the new healing. It will make combat more tactical and maybe rifts a little longer. But I have a Vyn priest 86 channeling that i will only bring on when I have silver to sub him. I have a Nahjo priest 66 channeling that I wont bother with now and I just started a FO follower I was going to priest and it seems a wast of time now, unless priest heals ignore the healing debuff. So I think you have saved me a few Euro's every month.
  19. Cant log in

    Back in. cheers
  20. Cant log in

    Same. Still can't log in
  21. Cant log in

    Same.. Waited an hour and still can't log in.
  22. Slaying - Goblin Leader

    Thanks for the slaying x
  23. Priest / Religion overhaul

    How about a travelling Altar.. Maybe a wooden one, made by someone with high Fine carpentry that a priest could bless.. Would save having loads of Altars just laying there all over the place.
  24. Forest giant slaying

    cheers for the invite
  25. Rift for 9 May