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  1. Priest / Religion overhaul

    How about a travelling Altar.. Maybe a wooden one, made by someone with high Fine carpentry that a priest could bless.. Would save having loads of Altars just laying there all over the place.
  2. Forest giant slaying

    cheers for the invite
  3. Rift for 9 May

  4. Goblin Leader (Private Loot)

    Thanks for the fight. Finally got my Alt to target him
  5. Goblin Leader

    Enjoyable.. Thanks
  6. Goblin Leader

    Should be there. Thanks
  7. Xanadu Community Map

    Duck Blind at 7199 -1727 has gone
  8. Xanadu Community Map

    My deed 7099,-1936 Called Seven I thank you.
  9. Forest Giant Kill

    Short and sweet and only mildly injured, Cheers.
  10. Xanadu sermon at H17 Maes Knoll

    Is this place still doing sermons
  11. The angry goblin blood

    Thanks for the event.. Never seen so many people in one place
  12. The angry goblin blood

    Hope to be there if I finish work early enough.
  13. [Resolved] The case of the dissapearing text

    Strange thing is I had to install Geforce experience to turn it off But it seems to be working... Thanks for the advice.