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  1. Also how about summon Horse/cart/wagon etc, but using Karma.
  2. How about a spell that priests can use to teleport to another person. With their consent.
  3. Some changes.. 1509.213 North Star has gone 1520.180 Northern Sanctuary has gone 1599.333 Draenor has gone. Someone has moved there 1864.293 Is a Pylon -Summers Door 1765.291 Is an Obelisk -Charge of Tongue
  4. Just remove the digging, woodcutting, mining and paving restrictions, It makes priests more playable as a main.
  5. Wait on the tomes. get those skills up first.
  6. Enjoy the game for a few months then decide.
  7. Yes you cannot improve when a Priest. If you want to be one then get as many skills up to 30ish as possible. Some places will help you if you want to live in a village. Good luck
  8. May as well just delete them then. They are of no use.
  9. Yes.. But I mean It's the only thing that can.. Not spells or Life transfer etc.
  10. Make any internal injuries only cured by Healing cover or Farmers salve. it will make then useful.
  11. I have a Libila Priest. There are some around.
  12. I don't mind but only if you have it switched on just you see it and others that have it switched on.
  13. Black Friday!

    What time does this start. My premium runs out 21st at 2.30pm utc, may as well wait