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  1. I think every priest except Vyn should have Botd and every priest should have at least Cure light.
  2. I have a Smeaghead but would like to see the spell list before I fully decide. Maybe Magranon.
  3. if its possible I would come to your deed and fetch them. Plus a small token of my appreciation.
  4. Ive done mine and my alts rifts. Just need some recipes. I'm assuming I can write these out for my friend and his alt. Athelmir
  5. Make Dragons BIGGER and all legendaries harder. Not that I get to see many dragons, I think only a select few get to have the hide
  6. Thanks for making it public. nice, swift kill.. thanks.
  7. Only if you travel all the servers and how often do you do that.
  8. Xanadu is too large. Travel times are too long there. So one server wouldn't work for me. But maybe reduce the amount of servers, but which one's would go.
  9. Maybe only sell these at the wurm shop only for about $1 or $2 each piece and its a one use skin for a piece of armour. Bit of extra revenue.
  10. Make it 50 or 75 or 100 veins if they need to. Would be ok with me.
  11. Add Athelmir for ROD Libila priest Channneling 48 EU timezone ish