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  1. Thanks for the public slaying.. Much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the slaying
  3. Athelmir is non prem for a while, Due to 80% wages
  4. Like I said.. I was with one. But they didn't let me know when they was doing it. It shouldn't be easy to get it but after 6 years I have a helmet to show for it.
  5. I think all priest attack/heal spells should count and also in Rifts.
  6. Have it so everyone has to do damage to the dragon to get rewards. Make the dragons scale to the amount of people that are there. Make the model bigger. Make them legendary. And thanks to the people who killed the dragon and never invited me and my friend even though we was there to help capture it.
  7. Cele Lag

    It's frustrating doing normal task's too. My friend today dropped his Medi rug and lost it. It ended up 9 squares behind him.
  8. Over the last few days me and my friend have had terrible lag. So much refreshing and finishing. We both run 2 characters each.
  9. Cheers for the public slaying
  10. Thanks for the event guys and thanks for the Strange bone
  11. I go for Windows resizable and just maximise when client starts.
  12. My friend and I work crazy shifts and sometimes I log on his character and take him to a rift and set him up ready and vice versa. So all I need to know is, Will we be able to continue doing that or not.
  13. I think every priest except Vyn should have Botd and every priest should have at least Cure light.
  14. I have a Smeaghead but would like to see the spell list before I fully decide. Maybe Magranon.
  15. if its possible I would come to your deed and fetch them. Plus a small token of my appreciation.