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  1. WTB Gold / Silver coin

    Bump! Any silver helps if you have it to sell : ) Thanks!
  2. WTB Gold / Silver coin

    I am PayPal verified and looking to buy up to two gold. Thank you!
  3. Looking to buy up to 1 gold

    I am PayPal verified on Pristine Server. I am looking for 1 gold or whatever you might have if you don't have quite that much. Thanks!! Tacha
  4. WTB 50 silver for 50 Euro

    Please hit me up in the forums. I am paypal verified and have always had great transactions through the forums. ty!
  5. WTB 50 silver for 50 Euro

    Hi! Thanks so much! But someone PM'd me and I am all set now.
  6. WTB 50 silver for 50 Euro

    Am verified paypal and have bought off the forums before. Thanks!!
  7. WTB 50S for 50 Euro

    Please PM me - I'm on Pristine and PayPal verified. Thanks!
  8. WTS 30s / 30Euros (sold close)

    Smooth transaction - excellent seller. thanks!
  9. WTS 30s / 30Euros (sold close)

    kk just messaged you - let me know the paypal email : )
  10. wts 32silver for 28USD

    I'll buy! Please PM me the details.
  11. You have to go through all of those steps to create a working PvP server? I could have sworn one of the times I set up a server I had the choice to choose between kingdoms upon logging in without doing any of that.
  12. I would love one Please cod to Tacha