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  1. Setting up a new village, Village is planned, We are well on our way, we have a boat cave, and iron. We will accept trial players, but will expect you to go premium within a couple months. We need all types of players, we have all the white light priests. You will be expected to work on the village. We will provide tools and chain armor to new guys. Pm Gillett or imarin for further info or to join. You must have ts and a mic. Enjoy the game Gillett
  2. For the last several days, the password reset page has not worked. At least not for me. I have a character that is not responding to the old pass word I dont know if he has been hijacked or just a bug.
  3. Those needing training in a skill should be able to seek out a master of the craft for training I.E those with a title. With the aid of a trainer in the area a student should almost double there skill increase. Paying the trainer may be a option. Fight training should increase with two sparring with a trainer in the area. Just a item for thought Wurm junky Gillett
  4. Valhalla, We are a very secure location. Have a number of active players. We have active farms and animal raisers, Tons of iron. A boat cave. Some development done, however much more planned. We will have a bed 4 u , We allow individual houses (We prefer Stone). PM Gillett, Blakd or respond to this topic for more information. New Guys can join at the start village and suicide to the deed. More advanced characters we will pick up or send u directions. Room for all types of characters. Enjoy the game
  5. New Village recruiting Valhalla Because the founders have all died in wurm Founders are advanced Builders and Crafters All level of players accepted. You will have a security check made, negative results will result in your removal from the village Plenty of resourses, Access to Ventrillo server and use skype, We really like to talk to you, Village activities coordinated through Zoho a forum type program, In the works Very remote , however access to the ocean PM Gillett, Templarss or Paprika for further info and to join New players can join in Strong box and suicide to the village, Advanced players will be directed to the village Thanks for considering us and enjoy the game Gillett Mayor of Valhalla
  6. Phoenix Landing now accepting new villagers, about 20 minuets travel from glitter. Lots of materials. Helpful leaders, Need all types of players, we have a vent server, We have a few advantages other villages dont offer which are revealed when u become a villager. Private message Gillett, Fieri or Paprika for further info or to join. Pickup from Glitter depending on availabiliy all time zones welcome.
  7. Phoenix landing is now accepting new villagers. Plenty of room to grow and lots of resourses, village mostly built but always room for more. Sorry u must live in the village. No private dwellings. Beds will soon be available. PM Gillett for further info. Also a few nice advantages to our members, vent server also