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  1. I just wanted to report that I have actually gotten the latest version of Wurm Assistant to work with Wine on Arch Linux. :) I was originally running a virtual box in the background, which worked pretty well actually, although I couldn't see any of the pop up notifications because they were popping up in the VM window. So I used Lutris, to create a Wine environment, I then installed .NET using the instructions found here (the manual method, using the download link you provided in the OP) and then I installed Visual Studio, and I was able to get Wurm Assistant running. :D It does seem a little glitchy visually, but I was getting those visual glitched in the VM as well so I'm not sure what is causing that. The only issue I've run into so far is that, after restoring my backup, it's not able to play any of the sounds I had added previously. I get a "value can't be null" error. New sounds seem to work fine though, so I wonder if that may be an issue with the backup. On the VM, I had WA running from the local directory, but with Wine I don't. This all isn't to say that native Linux support wouldn't be greatly appreciated though, but I thought it might be useful for you to know that it IS possible to run on Linux without too much hassle. :D Here's a little screenshot, I left the visual glitch on Granger to show what kind of glitch I get, sometimes I also get blank windows that reveal buttons when I mouse over them, but those glitches seem to correct themselves when I minimize and restore the windows, so not that big of a deal. :)
  2. Could you explain the QL cap? I'm not sure I understand that part. I need to sell items below 50 QL or above 50 QL? Because the papers I was able to sell were below 15 QL.
  3. So I noticed that you can sell paper sheets to a settlement token, but not papyrus sheets. I assume this is an oversight? EDIT: Now halfway through selling my paper sheets, they stopped being sellable. I also wasn't capped, so what's going on?
  4. I would love to see collision implemented in Wurm. Collision would definitely add an aspect of immersion for me. Players A consideration should be made on whether or not to allow pushing. If it was allowed, it could be added as a permission on deeds, that way deed owners can decide whether they want to allow people on their deed to push each other or not. Furniture The ability to stack or overlay different pieces of furniture on top of one another is a freedom that allows us to be really creative with our furniture arrangements. Maybe with furniture collision we could place items on top of more things. (e.g. on the seat of a chair) Creatures I wish animals didn't clip through each other, it seems like they all like to path to the same tile and end up making Xs with each other. This would be deter people from keeping large amounts of animals in small pens, but it would also help reduce the chance of animals getting diseases if they can't walk through one another.
  5. I know this is an old post, but I would love to see this. Especially when you're riding a horse towards a downward slope. You end up getting stuck and have to turn the horse around. It's not a big deal, but would be a nice quality of life improvement.
  6. I am constantly forgetting to snuff out my lantern cause of how bright the nights are. And to answer the inevitable "Why do you light your lantern if it's so bright?", caves are actually pitch black without light.
  7. I just wanted to thank you for talking about this, I didn't know there was a minimum of 1 silver and that the default 11x11 is way below that! I just expanded my deed to be 20x25 (500 tiles)! I think this thread will be very valuable to new players or those interested in Wurm and worried about how much time they will need to invest to get things done.
  8. I thought BSBs were safe on deed? They must've changed a setting in their deed options to let you pick up stuff. Please correct me, if I'm wrong.
  9. YES! I would love some baskets. And it would add more to do with Thatching.
  10. I think we also need the ability to build a floor (ceiling) under the roof, and that could allow us to create attic spaces within larger roofs.
  11. [03:50:04] You think the fried meat might give you more of an insight about fighting! I would like to order 1 Body Strength pizza please.
  12. Hello! I'd like to order a test meal please. COD to TheOnlyDionysos
  13. This really needs to be implemented! I imagine most people want to have their Deed Token at the center of a specific area, town square or along a specific road. Designs and layouts change, and I think having an element like the Deed Token be so permanent can make redesigning difficult. It would be great to have the option to push and pull the token, it would give us more freedom to design a cute arrangement with the token, or just move it out of the way if you don't want it in the middle or your road or what not.
  14. Great idea Ekib! This would definitely make climbing more fun and a lot less of a chore. Maybe they could also add a climbing animation instead of the slow walk? A crawling type animation for really steep slopes and a stepping up animation for other slopes.