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  1. FPS issues

    Hi everyone. I was hoping someone could help me with a problem I am having. My FPS is never stable despite having 64-bit Java installed and decent hardware. It will hover at about 50-60 then sometimes drop to 30 and sometimes even <10. Logs: This is how it looks: All help will be greatly appreciated. if any more information is needed, please let me know.
  2. ATLAS

    Try to do a refund on steam. I bet they'll give your money back
  3. ATLAS

    So, ladies and gentlemen, how is this Ark scam? To all those who pre-ordered: lol
  4. Useless rare solution

    +1. love the idea
  5. Hmmm. So buying milk is the same as paying premium for a game?
  6. Why do people get so upset one someone complains about the bad wurm servers? Honestly the number of fanboys is too damn high
  7. Sold - Close please

  8. Decent starter for sale [Exodus]

    Hi guys. I have a decent starter for sale. Not great but decent: Please note that this toon does not have premium. All I am asking for is a measly $10. Skill dump: Inventory: (Some items are enchanted) Bank:
  9. PC Low/Mid Level skills Account

    Yeah i figured it would be little. If you want the account PM me. Don't have time to play anymore
  10. PC Low/Mid Level skills Account

    Notable skills: Not the best but yah... Mining: 39.324318 39.324318 0 Digging: 31.168924 31.359661 0 Blacksmithing: 22.216465 22.216465 0 Leatherworking: 32.05074 32.05074 0 Hot food cooking: 31.987555 32.487556 0 Farming: 41.222378 41.222378 0 Animal husbandry: 21.535173 21.535173 0 Fighting: 14.540726 7.242394 0 Pickaxe: 41.76263 41.76263 0 Rake: 30.512117 30.512117 0 Longsword: 20.547525 20.547525 0 Carpentry: 48.7369 48.7369 0 Fine carpentry: 16.427649 16.427649 0 Ship building: 26.122528 26.122528 0 Mind: 21.567583 21.567583 0 Mind logic: 25.205915 25.205915 0 Mind speed: 20.158695 20.158695 0 Soul: 17.72251 17.72251 0 Soul depth: 21.640903 21.640903 0 Soul strength: 21.180634 21.180634 0 Body: 22.328938 22.328938 0 Body strength: 23.171091 23.171091 0 Body stamina: 21.69593 21.69593 0 Body control: 22.10524 22.10524 0 Items: Spyglass Snow Lantern Around 4.5s in the bank I know it's not the best of skills but it something... How much could I get for something like this? The character is on Exodus
  11. Worth playing?

    So the game isnt dying then? It's still worth investing time into this game?
  12. Worth playing?

    Hi guys. I am thinking of starting this game again. I was not very good at it but I started around the time "Pristine" and "Release" servers were released. My question to you guys is: Is this game worth paying for or is it dying?
  13. Returning player

    Hi there, I played around the time Release and Pristine were released and I was wondering is it worth it coming back to the game right now? Is the game heading in the right direction or is it dying? I am seeing a lot of posts about the game dying and I don't want to waste my money if that is the case. All feedback will be greatly appreciated