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  1. Same issue here, but it wasn't due to updating java between sessions as I hadn't done so and had the same thing happen. I did update now after trying everything else and still the same result.
  2. Elevation Reset

    One step at a time. It is smarter to deploy a larger Elevation map where at some point in the future, should the decision be made to shut down the home servers and consolidate the Epic populations, it's layout and size being ideally suited to that eventuality means another map or reset won't be needed should that time arrive. The extra travel time will only be an issue for those who choose to subject themselves to it.
  3. I don't think we're going to get that Silver back anytime soon.
  4. Yep I know, hence the question - lots of paid-for silver stuck in limbo until the characters are moved back to GV...
  5. I am not sure there will be a round 3. When will our characters be put in GV so we can access our silver? Thank-you!
  6. So I've read the many many posts on the topics at hand, have examined the official statements on these and other game changes, and the intention of those changes, and come up with an idea which is either crazy or pure genius. The Cauldron make is a nice, balanced map. It also has a suggestive name, Cauldron. A big open-mouthed put for cooking lots of different things together in. The Challenge server was interesting as it was, but it seems that it isn't panning out quite like Rolf hoped. I think perhaps it can be retooled to be used in slightly different way, one which doesn't draw away from the activity on the other servers, but drives it. The idea requires using all of the different server-related mechanics currently available, some in new ways, and is as follows: -A new server, Cauldron, using the Cauldron map, or similar but modified verson. Essentially replaces Challenge. -The 3 Kingdom starting spawns are replaced by 3 faction starting spawns, with the factions being Blacklight, Whitelight and Shadow -Cauldron is connected to both the Freedom and Epic Clusters via restricted-access portals -All Blacklight characters from all servers portal to the Cauldron Blacklight starting deed -All Whitelight characters from all servers portal to the Cauldron Whitelight starting deed -All characters with no deity AND all non-premium characters portal to the Shadow starting deed (this is done by making the portals to Shadow check for premium as the Elevation portal does, but with the filter set in the opposite way) -Epic and Freedom Cauldron Blacklight and Whitelight portals are premium only -Cauldron Blackight and Whitelight portals, located on the Shadow starting deed, are not premium only -All characters retain their original skill and stat levels, but portal naked; no equipped gear or inventory items. They are 'character clones', just like when you portal from Freedom to Epic, except you keep your character stats and skills -Skillgain on Cauldron is on a steep curve - 20x or the Challenge-rate faster in the beginning for Sub-50 skills, then flatten as you get to 70 then 90 to 4x -Cauldron server is up/open using a staggered timer similar to what is done for HotA, example setting: open for 6 hours every 36 hours, for 6 cycles - that is, 6 open windows of 6 hours each, with 36 hours of downtime between them. That gives you 36-hours total of Cauldron uptime spread over a period of 9 days. -At the end of the 9-day round, during the last 6-hour window, the map suffers the kind of cataclysmic terraforming events like those which occur at the end of a Valrei scenario -Have coin be harvestable and droppable from mobs, as it is on other servers, with small amounts found in treasure chests or depots - balanced to support deeding but not in excess OR -Everyone starts with 1 Silver, requiring players to consolidate to make deeds -The Shadow starting deed is larger than the others, and is not accessible via normal regular means - you can only portal in and out. -No starting gear -No bumped stats -No rewards (perhaps some cosmetic ones, but they don't leave the Cauldron 'cluster' -Portals going back to the Character's original server/cluster can be made, just like Epic portals All of this, I believe, should be possible using the existing mechanics with perhaps some slightly new arrangements of existing code or minor changes. The result would be a pvp-focused server where the playerbases of the other servers can be consolidated, without having to consolidate, shut-down or reset the respective maps/servers. It is not up all the time, so the impact on activity on the player's native servers is reduced, and longerterm, perhaps increased as it means your starting skill levels when you go back into the next Cauldron round will be higher. It may also increase pvp overall on the native servers as the entry level into pvp on Cauldron is gentler and more broad. Possible increases in the number of premium accounts may also be a result. This idea I think could be a way to take all of the different wanted adjustments in various areas of the game, and address them with something which is on the whole, less-resource requiring and less disruptive to existing servers, while resulting in some of the things those changes would have been meant to bring about. Some of the details could be tweaked, certain things added or removed, but overall I think it might be a good method of elevating things in a way that is both an exciting change, but one which will have little or no negative effects on what is already in place. Thoughts?
  7. Damn, I was so sure I'd mined the first gold....oh well. Grats to all the winners!
  8. If it's intentional, it is an undocumented change from half a day prior. GM knew nothing about it. Curiously right after posting this I lost connection, and cannot reconnect. Wurm just loves kicking you when you're down.
  9. On Challenge, 3 guards just stood there, 2 tiles from a Drakespirit on deed, not attacking. Guard settings were correct, they attack aggressive mobs otherwise. Templars were attacking Velrei mobs as recently as 18:00 CET Friday, failed to do so in this case 14 hours later. For 3 silver, I expect them to do their jobs so I don't eat skill loss repeatedly. Thank-you!
  10. You can log into the character now, it will be as it was before the start of round 1, in the tutorial area in front of the portal. Use the portal and choose a side.
  11. The scenario map, sadly often exhibits inexplicable behavior. Recently we saw some gods have their timers reduced drastically, multiples times, with no associated mission completions. Or mission completion and failure messages that were impossible within the timeframe mentioned. It's unfortunate that it is not working correctly as the scenario is one of Wurm's more unique and bold elements. It's also serious as end-of-scenario terraforming can be devastating. Hopefully some attention will be paid to making sure it is working properly, even though time and resources are spread thing, this is something that has serious and irreversible consequences in some cases.
  12. Will deliver, depending on location, for 7 Silver - you keep the 20 Large Crates! Message here for PM Nathegar or Anthrage in game. SOLD, Please close; thank-you.
  13. As per subject, the new wool hats cannot be picked up from the ground without using a bind.
  14. Add a new check-box in the Manage Roles section, "Spawn at Token", which would allow you to restrict the ability to spawn at the token. When unchecked, citizens or allies, depending on which role is involved, would only be able to spawn using the 'outside' option.