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  1. I may stop by. Just may need a friendly reminder as it get closer~
  2. 2 1/2 year troll king? Just find all the trolls he dragged with him.
  3. I felt this way when I hit 100 bowyery. I hit it and just ran around for a few hours at a impalong having no clue what to do... I did the last day imping people bows, went home and just logged off, no clue what really to do afterwards. Hitting 100 was end game for me. I still don't have a goal, but do still want to play after 1 1/2 years later. I just need to find a new home, place to settle and so forth.
  4. Fatigue lol

    Once you hit Fatigue once, you got to take some time off for it to 'recharge', else you will continue to hit it over and over and over again.
  5. Fatigue lol

    There is some skills that bypass Fatigue system (Not sure if it still works though). I think any fighting doesn't get affected by fatigue. I know I did archery target practice when I hit fatigue while I was raising bowyery.
  6. Congrats! Welcome to the 100 club!
  7. If it something like minecraft maps but be more... accurate would be nice. You basically have you be there to draw it, not in a certain area. Being shown on the map is meh. I can agree with the map being bigger the higher your skill is, but not showing yourself or others on it.
  8. I wouldn't mind a map making skill, but you would need a new map or something each time something big changes, or a deed disappears. It would odd if the map you make magically adjust to those changes.
  9. I found the problem with Xanadu was that there was WAY too many mountains. While the map was 4x bigger than Independence, a lot of Xanadu was mountains, even on the coasts. Well then, maybe we should just do a big advertisement/recruitment similar to the Land Rush. I think, other than Wurm Unlimited, Land Rush was the only advertisement of Wurm Online I've seen since I joined the game.
  10. The new server when Xanadu actually brought a lot of players to the game if that the numbers you are worried about. Do something like they did with that with a lot of advertisement. Give a reason to come back if you are an old player. Some people just like exploring, and a new land may let more into the game. Who knows.
  11. The last one was Xanadu that was released in 2014. It also the year that I started playing and that release was advertised with the land rush, gold rush, whatever rush it was. Would it be possible to do something like that again? It doesn't have to be the same size as Xanadu, but having a completely fresh land that may be a bit less mountainy, while still having mountains would be nice. Maybe multiple islands, but not too far so some islands can actually be linked with bridges. Like Xanadu, have new players get first crack at it again.
  12. Terraforming for sure. The map and traveling. While it take time to travel, I really enjoy it. Basically everything in the game is what people made it. Getting somewhere in skills make it worth it. It not "Oh, I'll spend a week and get 90+ skill" like a lot of games did.
  13. Why hate fishing? Isn't that like... the most AFK skill in the game? Throw a rod in the water and wait until the timer goes off and repeat... 0.o I also don't hate the game. I just burnt myself out really bad and just never had the chance to come back to play again. Probably join back soon. I do still got some goals I want to get done.
  14. When you...

    I was one of those nuts who grinded to 100 without the 25% bonus... or even an affinity in it...
  15. When you...

    I don't understand why you are making a big deal about this. Not everyone is even going to get to 99 skill. It already take 5-6 months or longer just to get to it. PoK is still going to be useful. You think people who went PoK thought "Hey, I'm going to get 100 in all skills. Better not lose any skills when I die"? The change they made still won't change anything other than 99+ skill protection. That's it. I'm still going to go PoK even with this change.