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  1. PC Vyn priest

    are you planning on trying to sell this account?
  2. how high of CoC/WoA can this priest cast and on how often a basis i've never had one so I'd like to know before I jump into buying a priest alt
  3. I'd have pushed this auction up to 1g before I stopped bidding
  4. can i win this one too!!!! 18s I wish to be known hence forth if I win as Bone Collector
  5. Price Check

    why do people use yellow? can't ever see the skills when it's yellow.
  6. I'm going to use it on my shtick of amazing castingness
  7. woo AUCTION!!!!! i love these things!
  8. mine was a supreme kindling it lit my forge like no other kindling before it
  9. screw you Aum I saws it first! 1g