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  1. I would have to say my rare large shield, glimmersteel its so shiny 🤩.
  2. *PURCHASED* I'm looking to buy a rare glimmer steel long sword, I would prefer N LT and C enchants.
  3. I need some pizza's and meals message me when you are online.
  4. Glimmersteel Longsword COD me NVM
  5. The hit box for the under side of the wooden stair case's are misleading. I don't think there should be one so you can do things like this picture and still be able to walk down them. Please fix, I don't want to tear this down. Also I can see some problems with the texture of the wooden floors now. If you need two stair cases facing different directions then the textures will be opposite from each other and wont mesh with the floor.
  6. Bump, someone make me an offer! 3 hours left