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  1. As the title says, I'd like to purchase 1G worth of 10QL and under gems. Please post the Number of Gems, Total QL, Price you'd be willing to sell for. I'm at Summerholt Village, Xanadu
  2. Buying entire skiller set w/o water Lump QL 80+ 1kg Hammer Small Anvil Pelt Whetstone 50QL 100 CoC or more.. Will pay handsomely.
  3. Whats your current offers private pm's makes me insecure.
  4. Good luck, hope you get an offer. 500e is definitely not in my price range.
  5. Please Close

    Over priced... no chants nothing special about these.
  6. I'll take the two pickaxes left, and the 96 hammer send to Lockedbob
  7. Close

    I'll buy w.e is left.
  8. 100Silver coins123.72 USD
  9. Well actually I can buy 100s for 127$ on mine.
  10. Merchant Contract 50s? 8 powders maybe 12s?
  11. I just dont see myself paying full price, 100e for 100s is pretty much 109-112usd, in that case ill just pay 127$ USD and get it from the shop.