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  1. Zilbar (The Unknown Recovered)

    Please Close
  2. Kingdom of Ebonaura

    Great group of players! Been apart of the group since December and am still loving it. Bump!
  3. HoTA Statue Variety & Colors

    Zillybar says +1
  4. Closed

  5. Crops and Meat

    WTS all the food for 25s pm me!
  6. Crops and Meat

    Give me offers I will take physical trades as in items or silver pm me in game as Zilbar, Or on forums. Thanks
  7. Skyfall Enchantsments Market [SEM]

    Thanks for the coc tools great seller! Bump
  8. WTS Random Items

    Bumpy Bump Bump!
  9. Weekly News #32 Cooking up a storm

    Alright Now this is a update I cant wait to see. But may we all always remember the worthy Duce and how much he meant to us players and the game, Wurm itself. Thanks, Zilbar
  10. The Isle Labyrinth - Opening July 29 - 2016

    Bump to this guys fantastic work I drove by but should have stoped.
  11. Bump great person and place to live I'm sure!
  12. Green Dog redesign Contest voting!

    Looks nice guys good job!