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  1. you guys all want bear mods i still have source code and stuff
  2. Who said im talking about current chaos, this entire game is cancer. I was referencing old chaos. Old Epic was fun but there was no long term goals. Just show up to hota, kill people and go home. Edit: Every fight i mentioned on Chaos was pre all the 48 hour ###### raids. You could be in and out of a main village in a night.
  3. the only notable thing to ever happen on old ele was when everyone grouped up to raid the mongols. The problem with elevation is everyone was set for map resets or other ###### that no one wanted to do massive land pushes. If all you want to do is right click and hit attack and you consider that PVP i've got this fun game for you called runescape
  4. push wars is what always ignites PVP in Wurm and is fundamental considering this game is land based. - Kingdom A Pushes - Kingdom B Eventually puts up a front line - Kingdom A either puts up a front line or gives up (Optional) - Kingdom C brokers a deal with Kingdom A or B to help. Waterworks Vs Thunderdome, Vahalla vs Pizza, Eagles Nest vs BL, JK taking of Dark Citiadel. I can speak for all of these and two i ignited myself. Waterworks Vs Thunderdome was MR's first land push and led to the disband of Riverdale. I honestly think this was around the prime-time of wurm PVP where you could have 20+ people on each side nearly daily if someone dared started something on that landbridge. Vahalla vs Pizza was a shitfest of kingdom memes and greifing. Eagles Nest push took a bit but BL finally stepped up and said stop, and we had decent PVP for a few weeks. Dark Citadel? BL at the time just let us take the islands with no problem. Then again its pretty easy when you have a GM to teleport all your items off deed.
  5. desolations anticheat was garbage and didn't work lol
  6. What mod is this?

    hey thats my ###### stop using it
  7. epic during prime could see just under 100 or over 100 across the cluster. If they would have allowed free accounts across the cluster and allowed fighting to be capped at 50 compared and body stats to 25 you'd give free accounts a reason to stay and play. Epic was seen as a new start from wild, no windows of opportunity, farwalker amulets, bags of keeping etc
  8. everyone still playing wurm online is this song
  9. I left cause i felt the game was slowly dying, I came back seeing Epic picking up and it got stale so i left and called it quits. I've given this game numerous chances since i've started around 2007 (All PVP). A series of bad decisions by Rolf and his volunteers led to where we are now. There is no recovery because the player-base that would play even if it is fixed have a sour taste in their mouths. Not to even mention this MMO is coming up on 10 years old or is 10 years old. They don't last forever. Would a new PVP server bring me back? I dunno, If my friends all came back also. I just don't think anyone has the trust in the Wurm Dev team (New or not) to properly create a PVP server.
  10. pvp is this game is dead, The Dev team won't state it. While PvP could be fun in this game there isn't enough money for the dev's to focus on it. If they were smart they could keep the "chump change" pvp money by just finding their pair of balls and going back to a single home server and single pvp server.
  11. waiting for this to hit WU so i can just delete it from my servers
  12. because code club doesn't give a ###### about pvp how many times do they have to ###### ###### up. Since onetoofreeAB it's been a ###### show. Even when Notch was around dumb changes came. Some of us have been here since 2008. Nothing changes. Edit: This used to be the game where first person who got Rolf on IRC got to make game breaking changes, Now you don't even need to get into IRC, Just let the Dev's add ###### and forget about the other half of the servers that have PVP.
  13. Tired of pay to win pvp servers and having an admin that's literally worse then hitler? Join Today! Over 6 new players on our server within the past 24 hours!
  14. Server once again gaining more new players, Join in on the fun! We are currently voting on when to respawn uniques! Skill converts still are being accepted!
  15. One of the most active PVP servers if not the MOST active pvp server with 10-15 unique players online at a time and over 20 unique players total.
  16. It's either you ban account sharing or have it unrestricted. There is no way to have account sharing security without adding so many rules and putting a giant load on the staff on keeping track who actually "owns" an account. It's dumb.
  17. Patch Notes 2/19/2016 - Allows White Light kingdoms to become Mag,Vyn,Fo champs regardless of base kingdom
  18. PMK's are becoming plentiful and starter kingdoms are becoming active. If you don't have a group to play with join Horde Of The Summoned or Jenn Kellon! If your looking for a contact visit and check out the recruitment section.
  19. Most of the servers pop belongs to PMK's. It's easy to join almost all of them but you need to reach their influence. is now up so new players can communicate with PMK's.