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  1. Tried kingdom and no kingdom influence now and still nothing
  2. We planted it within our kingdom influence and it started giving messages in Events tab but then it disappeared and nothing happened.
  3. We have been messing about on our testing server trying to get a Rod of Eruption to work with no success. 1 Do they still work? 2 How can we get them to work. 3 If they don't work is there an alternative way to spawn a volcano?
  4. [got em]

    [19:40:35] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  5. [got em]

    I have 4 I can sell you. Let me know who you want them sent to.
  6. Mine have 4 damage now. I would guess they will go poof in a few months
  7. Loom was rare. Loom and Sickle sold. PM me about anvil
  8. Shovel sent. Only one of the saddles left. Can do 90c for the saddle and 50c for a set of 4 horseshoes 70+ql (no wind on them) Have 2 sets of horsehoes left.
  9. Start bid: 100s/e Increments: 5s/e Sniper: 1hour Reserve: none Buyout: 115s/e (OR PM me an offer)