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  1. Deed owners to decide if ghost templars or vanilla guards. + Deed guards with bows? + Better pathing so they don't run around or through fences? Anything like it would mean alot. Thanks! Kind regards Nirnan
  2. I have something similiar to this coming, I'll link this thread to mine. Nicely done anyhow!
  3. Lack of backstory, who are Lashar like, where are they from, why are they there and are these Lasharians connected to Jenny-Kelloggs and Mob-Rehan or affilated with Nerds of the Summoned? Total score: 4/10
  4. I long for my return, then I'll embark on a unforgiving raid and death. Got plans, determination and faith for it.
  5. Custom titles

    I'll sneak in and add: Allow deed owners to give titles to their villagers, nothing epic, more common.
  6. I know there are people who've done this recently, but the new architectural style isn't limited to one certain PMK or Kingdom by code -- which I am asking for, still no leads in to making this a reality? Kind regards N
  7. "Graphics are bad" Another guy born somewhere after 2000. So spoiled. We all here played Meridian 59 (1996) and Prince of Persia (from 1989) when we're 9-13. There were no other games at that time. I remember the days when Age of Empires 1 was considered to be "groundbreaking" for PC-games. Memories.
  8. I would do this... only if my server was populated by 4 real players and adding another 1-2 fake players. If there was a special reason to. To increase the chance of becoming more attractive to the eager eye. It would depend entirely one my servers content, the settings and if it is only PvP or Mixed. Once the server reach six (6) real players I would stop use the fake player method, from then on the survival of the server is more likely to be long-lasting, if the atmosphere created between the owner and the players is right. I think that everyone else who goes beyond 2 fake players with a real playerbase of 6-8 are disrespectful, not serious and shouldn't have the right to publically announce a thread regarding their server here in the forums. Similiar to a company that doesn't pay it's taxes or lure clients and customers to spend time on something that is far from the truth.
  9. Good morning! We would want to see more cultural variety to PMK besides flags, banners and tabards, this is to step up a notch. After all it's all about the presentation of each PMK. Anyone who are skilled enough to create something like this? An architecture style limited only to one PMK while all the others has their own? Kind regards Nirnan
  10. Hello! I love your new horses! I was going to ask if you could add Icelandic horses and North Swedish Horse but then I realized you don't code... Thanks anyways for the creations! : )
  11. Hello! I was sent here by Altor, the GM from Ereb Altor. We have regions, independent deeds, villages, towns and now very soon PMK. To avoid direct collision between them all... We need something like "Free participation PvP" where non-hostile players are treated and seen as neutral players (yellow outline) by both PMK-players and guards until they actively choose to attack someone (red outline), able to have neighbouring partners (pure blue outline) which helps other players to localize between whose neutral, hostile or neighbour. Perhaps even further expanding it adding alliances with other kingdoms (pink outline) or heroic players who achieved something ultra-rare wear (turqouise outline) which all can be seen from a distant. That means that some local players may be trading partners (pure blue outline) but players from same kingdom far away will see us as neutral (yellow outline). The very same goes for other PMK, they'll see us as neutral at first until some actual fight begins. It also means players who have begun a conflict between each other should eventually be able to turn into neutral stanced, either over time or to declare peace (somehow) It's a neaty and tricky request but it will be probably the greatest tool for those who are into hardcore PvP and PMK. Is this too hard or can it be done?? Kind regards Nirnan