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  1. Potion of Mining 23 QL - 2s COD to Smokethebear please
  2. Looking to purchase a few Leatherworking potions, If anybody has any to sell, PM me on here or PM me ingame - SmokeTheBear
  3. rare large shield to smokethebear please
  4. 4s - SmokeTheBear
  5. I'll have a look around when next weeks rifts are open, Thanks!
  6. Looking to buy 1 - 3 small barrels of preferably 80+ QL lye. PM me if you are interested in making a deal!
  7. Signing up as SmokeTheBear Happy Birthday!
  8. COD to smokethebear
  9. could you possibly add photos of the gnomes
  10. I said to send it to smokethebear...
  11. rare mallet to smokethebear please
  12. all leatherworking potions to smokethebear please
  13. Hey, Looking to purchase a red or blue drake set with or without the cap, I'm pretty sure we can come to a deal that satisfy us both!