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  1. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

  2. We are the stormbound the avatar, we are the sons of god and sorrow, we are the ones who see no tomorrow

  3. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

  4. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM5qQJ-p0nQ Feels good :3
  5. What are you reading.....

    Right now The Way of Kings by Brandon Sandersson, but I like R.A. Salvatore and George R.R. Martin or Andrzej Sapkowski too. And I'll be trying to start reading Dune, because my friend said that it's one of the most awesome books he ever read.
  6. The Screenshots Thread

    Awesome! I like your style of furnishing :3
  7. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

  8. Black Hallow

    Successor of rosedragon? Niceee Looks ok, hope you'll show us some next works :3
  9. Ye Olde Medeival Bard skill and profession.

    I would like to see this... Playing some awesome folk tracks, that cannot be heard normally, of course the sound depends on bard's skill and item's QL (low QL - sounds like not tuned etc.). Renting skilled bards to play... Drinking wine in tavern while listening to bard can be so climatic. This is just awesome, I really would like to see this.
  10. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

  11. New Deity!

    Ok guys. So when we have to expect some Libilla x Tosiek arts? :v
  12. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5owTvsTZGk I think you won't believe me, but singer is actually female. Yes. Yes, female.
  13. The Screenshots Thread

    Sol lights upon Ebonaura's Tower.
  14. EPIC Art

    Upload your pic to somewhere like imgur, and then paste link (it must be ending with .jpg, .png, .gif etc.) to field that shows by clicking here: