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  1. #necromancer Could Wurm handle a custom map with these dimensions: 965,000 x 965,000 (3,860,000km x 3860,000km)
  2. I am at Glasshollow. Buying 10 silver for 12.67 euro + 1.41 euro for any travel. Total: 14.08 euro profit. I am in Australia so AUD is my currency hence the exact figures. These prices are below Wurm shop's price by 3.33 euro otherwise I'll skip waiting for my seller and just buy it on the site.
  3. You are all overexaggering and I will not tolerate this behaviour. Please calm down and come back when you have.
  4. You haven't explained what a yellowfinger is.
  5. I don't see how the coding could be much different to locking all the gates.
  6. If there is a bell tower on deed it rings along with all the gates being locked down. If you find it annoying, why did you let one be made?
  7. MsInformative in her plate armour, holding her steel spear. (I didn't necropost as the thread is not closed and I will not make a new thread for the same thing)
  8. Greed is but a word jealous men inflict upon the ambitious.
  9. If I am using wooden housing, I like using low rope. With stone houses, standard iron bars is good.
  10. Two different avatars. Mr and Ms. It seems to have stopped since the new patch.
  11. My village is taking people in. It's fairly new. Plenty of digging, mining and building to do. I have a guy in Glasshollow to guide you if you don't want to teleport.