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  1. Change terrain

    We are having this same issue. Just discovered this today. it only happens with pavement types, if you change to tar, grass, etc it works fine.
  2. Im not sure if im just blind, incompetent, or if its missing, but the wurmunlimited dedicated server is forcing updates, and I cannot see the changes it is making? When I hit view updates after it updates, it redirects me to a blank steam page, Is there any change log for the wurm unlimited dedicated server that I can see what changes are being made?
  3. Hello All, Another update on the server. The past few days events have been going well, but I'm especially excited for tonight event which will be hosting on GM island (Used for special events and testing) Tonight event will take place around 9:30-10:00pm EST
  4. Hey All! I wanted to give everyone an update on the server. First of all my name is Beach and I am co-founder of the server with Marasmus. Some people may know me from the city Eventuality on Xanadu which was/is a huge success. We have had a number of people join the server in the last few days, so far, everyone seems awesome. The daily events have been running well and players are now starting to venture out from the starter town and found deeds of their own! Most players are NA, playing around 6pm - 12:00am EST time (A couple seem to never sleep). We are still looking for more players to bolster the server ranks. Dont miss out on the excitement for this week! We are having daily events between 6:30pm and 10pm EST. And all regular players will receive Deed Forms to bolster the community and support the early player base.
  5. Purchased, please close
  6. Hello, Im located on Xanadu Server, I will mail tools to buyer. 80QL Rare Trowel WOA35 - 6s 71QL Rare Saw - 6s Ill sell 11s if you buy both
  7. We are already doing this in SW Xanadu... If you are interested in packing up and moving, we still have room and are making even more!
  8. Added two new pictures of our now completed city farm plots. They were completed last night by villagers, for villagers. There are a total of 12 plots available for the villagers should they want one. bump, we invited two new members, but have also opened up two new city plots so send us an invite.
  9. Bump - Still looking for more villagers!
  10. For all of those who wanted screen shots, please check out our new village recruitment page: The Eventuality - The biggest village in wurm? - Recruitment (X) - Wurm Online Forum Mods, this post will no longer be updated. Please close
  11. What we Offer: Huge Lot Sizes! We have generous lot sizes and many types. Our smallest lot sizes are equal to everybody else's average! ALL lots are able to be developed as you see fit, we do not have to approve each and every construction you want to start. Need advice on how / what to build? The many vets in the village and alliance are here to help.For the City Dweller: We have many lots available close to the town square, Public workshop, market, public mine. These lots are closer together to promote that city feel, but still generous in size. Corner lots are larger, while lots adjacent to the main roads are smaller. Various lot sizes available, all over 25 tiles a lot. For the Beach Goer: We have ocean front lots that butt up right against a deep water bay. Perfect for the fishers, boat makers, and traveling merchants. SW Xanadu has some of the busiest boating lanes on the server, and we are located very close to the Xanadu - Deli server crossing. These lots are only a short uphill (paved) walked to the town square, so getting access to all the public utilities is still very easy. all lot sizes are 36 tile or bigger. For the Farmer: We have one farm over 300 tiles large for a farmer. We also have turned one of the farm plots into a community farm, so each villager can have a small area to feed themselves with. If our tenant farmer is willing to donate some of the crops to the village cook, or wishes to donate meals, we also have another 250+ tiles that they can farm. Farm lots for premium players only. For the experienced: We have some larger lots towards the back of the deed for those who wish to have a bit more space, and the feel of their own “Mini Deedâ€. These lots use to be “For the hermit†however, they are no longer untamed since our experienced players have moved in. each lot is on its own tier, so there are no shared borders and you dont have to look at your neighbors building. For the experienced lots are for experienced premium players only. Organized Community Communication: The community has a shared document on Google docs where we track all the different projects people are doing, vacation times, lets you know who the village and alliance elders are, a place to voice suggestions and opinions, etc. We also have a teamspeak channel for the Alliance and Village where you can hear Gino shout profanity! (Rated R for Gino) Public Workshop: We have a public workshop for all villagers to use. If you’re a farmer but need a loom? Just come and use the workshop instead of having to building your own! The workshop has a large storage room stocked by villager donations. Feel free to take a Stone Brick and leave a Stone Brick! Freedom! Most deeds dictate what you can build, full freedom to build whatever you would like on your land. Need more space or want to get a change of scenery? We can work out expanding your lot or relocating to a new one. Want to build a public building? Go ahead! Village Mine: There is a huge village mine that goes down into the mountain. LOTS of vein types, well lit as well. Easy access to the mine right across from the workshop in the village town square. Free Enchanted Grass Stables / Enchant: If you dont want to use your plot to store your horse(s), we have public stables with enchanted grass tiles that you can use. All villagers will get a free enchanted grass tile on their plot if they wish to keep their animals restricted access. Skill Resort: There is a skill resort free to access for all villagers (Normally paid for non villagers). Schedule a night at the skill resort and get access to HQ tools, rare forges, copious amounts of pans, and all other tools needed for fast efficient skilling. Free instructions, hints and tips to maximize skill gain for those who want it. All The Basics: We have all the normal deed stuff too, token (Obviously), Mailbox’s (Yes multiple), boat storage, alters, guard towers, blah blah blah. Xanadu Trade Center: We are adjacent to Xanadu Trade Center, everyone can place a merchant in a market stall for free! A large fight arena that will host duel’s, gladiator style fights against creatures and more. Xanadu Trade Center also plans to host Sermons, Impalongs, and other server wide entertainment in the future too. There is a bulk goods section that you can rent to sell and store your bulk goods. There is also a large 7000 tile farm that you can rent to quickly fill large farm orders. All villagers receive a generous discount on the rentals for the bulk storage houses and the farm. Deed Rules:Griefing will not be tolerated, if a fellow villager forgot to lock a door, that does not mean you can loot his house. Be respectful to all players, Dont disappear for two months without warning. (If you want to take a short leave for a month or two we can reserve a spot for your return, but if there is no update inactive citizens will be removed to make room for others.)We want this to feel like an open bustling city, therefore to encourage long term residents there are very few rules. Build whatever you would like, practice whatever craft you wish, no obligation to donate to community resources or city upkeep (But please do if you like the village!). Invitations and additional information: So now that you want to join our community, you may have additional questions. Please /tell Beach, Gheen, Naiani, Theonlynerath for questions or an invitation. Want to take a tour and see it in person, spawn a f2p alt and we will teleport you over and give you the walk around!
  12. Hello Wurm! The old post for our village was getting a bit cluttered, I have asked for it to be closed, and I have created this new thread for recruitment going forward. This first post will be a snapshot of the village status, please refer to the second post for information on how awesome our village is, and the third post for some screenshots. We currently have 27 Current Villagers Current Lot Vacancies: City Plots: 2 Farm Plot: 1 Profesions in High Demand: Vyn priest Farmer Villagers on 1 week notice: 2
  13. 80 cast sale

    COD 59Ql, 82WOA, 86coc stone chisel to beach
  14. There are lots of things happening in The Eventuality. I will have Pictures and a new thread soon. We are currently engrossed in a surface mining project to make room for even more villagers, once completed, I will screenshot the entire deed, and create a new thread for the village. We are filling up on plots. Only 3 more left, 3 more will be available soon, and once surface mining is complete, 2 or 3 more on top of that.