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  1. Spend some time locating arti and you'll realize that when you locate a player that is carrying an arti it doesn't tell you where said player is, only says "[artifact] is being carried by x player." Also, if you've ever spent a bit of time locating artis you'd realize that it isn't just 'hard' but incredibly time consuming and tedious. It can sometimes take upwards of 1-2 weeks to narrow down the location of a single arti to a small enough area to dig it up, then in another 3 weeks you have to recharge it or it goes back into the ground. If it happens to be one of the artis that's only use is the 'use' function (ear, eye, mouth, etc), you can only use it a handful of times before it needs to be recharged again immediately. In other words, with the time it takes to dig up and keep most artis recharged these days, it just isn't worth it. With this in mind, narrowing the search down a bit from 12 artis to 3 (each god has 3 artis) isn't so bad, especially when you consider RNG and your chances of hitting the same arti several times in a row. Whilst it may not be the perfect solution, it's definitely a step in the right direction.
  2. +1 seems like a decent idea
  3. Due to the recent change with meditation rug rarity and skill gain I've decided I'll no longer be selling the rug. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. See, I asked you to tell me something I didn't already know; I already knew u had trouble remembering how events played out. Lemme refresh your memory though: First off, TC ruled long past its peak, holding ground and winning fights even whilst outnumbered until the priest overhaul roughly a year ago now. After the priest overhaul we took some losses, but even then we held our ground just fine. We even managed to get several deed drains, disband a few deeds (including one a local from your capital), win the majority of BC HoTAs, and even several outnumbered fights. In fact, even in the last few months TC was still around we were off deed raiding/draining your deeds and making you karma from even fights (remember Silver Anchor). Alt abuse and exploiting, coupled with a broken priest/PvP system that has hardly been touched since its implementation, ultimately led to TC members quitting and the kingdom deciding to disband. Only in the last 2 weeks TC was on server was WU finally able to drain/disband a TC deed, and even then it had to be done when no defenders were present (majority of us had already left for freedom ). Please check your fact book before posting further, the arguments are getting rather weak... I think this post takes the cake. I'm not sure if you're delusional or just trying to troll at this point, but everyone that has ever played on a PvP server is fully aware that alt abuse is a real thing. In fact, it couldn't have been more than a week or so ago WU tried to drain Panda's new deed with an alt (Hinbert), just as attempted against TC on numerous occasions. Hell, I'll even link a video (a quite hilarious one, actually) where we stuck a champ croc in a mine containing a WU alt that was used to spy on local at one of TC's war deeds. I won't even comment on the rest as it has absolutely nothing to do with this thread and can clearly be seen as baseless rubbish. Please, for the love of Fo, post something constructive in this thread or don't post at all.
  5. What kind of response is this? You literally just dodged everything I said to write about how Wurm has reached its peak and is now dying out. Can you tell me something I don't already know? Oh, and I’ll share a bit of information that I do know: There won’t be any new beginnings so long as alts are abused with no repercussions and PvP as a whole is ignored. Have you ever conquered a battlecamp, much less even been to Chaos? The battlecamps, when first spawned, have no guards to kill; you walk up, conquer, then loot. Even if they've been previously conquered by another kingdom, the spawned guards are about as responsive as a ######in rock. You can even conquer the damn camps without even killing the guards first. How is that difficult? Your point about mobs/tower guards is about as useless as your other points since you can easily evade/outrun the majority of mobs on a fresh acc (reduced aggro range) if you have half a brain and know what you're doing. If you somehow manage to die to a mob, or a player even, you can easily respawn and go give it another try! You risk nothing and lose nothing, after all! But let's say you just want to make life a ###### for everyone else, you can clear out an area around a battlecamp on your main, conquer it, then log off one of your trusty alts at said battlecamp. When an enemy conquers that battlecamp and 2 others, you can simply log in said alt, conquer the camp back, then log off said alt once again. This can be done at any number of camps relatively easily, making HoTA a real chore for anyone but you. Does this sound very fair to you? Lastly, who in their right mind should be able to do just as you said and make a fresh alt to go cap battle camps? HoTA is meant to be a game where you risk your account/items to create PvP and get a reward for being the winner. It isn't supposed to be some mindless activity you do to farm moon metal and a glowing statue, but sadly due to poor implementation that's what this has become. If you truly want to see a 'new beginning' for PvP, I suggest you stop defending the use of alts and instead get behind the idea alts are bad and need to be severely limited, especially on PvP servers.
  6. Lmao defending the use of alts, classic WU move. I guess even the brightest of WU still haven't deduced that the use of alts in any way, shape, or form is unhealthy for PvP. And we wonder why the Chaos pop is non-existent...
  7. PvP daily on this server, come give it a try!
  8. [14:28:27] Stik slain by Uvogin, Miniroll, Meep, Cigay, [14:53:55] Yess slain by Threap, Uvogin, Hanniba, Miniroll, Meep [14:54:16] Stik slain by Uvogin, Threap, Meep [14:54:43] Kavah slain by Yess, Threap, Uvogin, Hanniba, Miniroll, Meep [14:55:06] Lyriian slain by Uvogin, Threap, Hanniba, Meep, Miniroll [14:55:59] Stryker slain by Threap, Uvogin, Hanniba, Miniroll [15:01:03] Stryker slain by Threap, Miniroll
  9. Here's a few vids from Conquest 2 to build some last minute hype for Conquest 3:
  10. Someone's been grinding WS on butchering knives..
  11. Since these are pretty rare, I was hoping to get a bit more for ‘em, actually. I’ll update OP with the price I had in mind.
  12. As the title says, looking to sell off a full set of the old model statuettes (one of each of the template deities, plus one regular 'statuette'). I’m looking to get 16s for the lot. If you're interested, shoot me a pm or post here. *Note: the Orange statuette is dyed and the color can be removed with a wire brush.* *Sale Pending*
  13. Bump - still a few goodies here for sale!