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  1. Can I bribe you with a striptease and 4g?
  2. So let me get this have 3 sub-skills under the religion skill; channeling, exorcism, and prayer. All of these skills raise by up to 50 points to a maximum of 80 when you champ. If any of these skills are already above 80, they remain untouched. However, upon dechamping, channeling is the only one of these sub skills that reverts back to what it was prior to champing, whereas the other two skills get a flat -50, regardless of whether they were raised by 50 or not? That seems extremely buggy and unintended to me, but hey, I guess since champs are no longer a thing its p easy to just rule it as intended and forget about it instead of considering the alternative, right? I'll also note, nobody gave enough of a ###### to complain years ago when nearly no one had > 30 exorcism/prayer, but now that prayer is part of a journal goal and many ppl have ground the skill, its become quite apparent how utterly ridiculous and overlooked this so-called 'mechanic' is. It's p sad this can't be recognized and players are losing out on skills they worked hard to grind, simply because GMs/Devs refuse to acknowledge that this was previously considered a bug on multiple occasions. Champs are removed, do the right thing and fix his damn skills and be done with it. Is it really worth losing more support/players over something as silly as this?
  3. I find this to be complete and utter ######. GMs as of late have been doing a piss poor job handling sensitive cases, and this seems to be just another case of 'sweep under the rug and forget about it' rather than actually putting effort into solving the case properly. Skills like channeling, exorcism, and prayer were never meant to revert to 30 upon dechamp as they take a considerable amount of time and effort to skill up. Even though prayer has recently been made easier to skill, it still takes a very long time to skill up to higher levels; much longer than it takes to get your faith back to 100, for instance - and even that is a pain for most. Also, since this happened with a forced dechamp as they were removing them from the game, body stats weren't lost (only -5 instead of the usual -6) and faith was only dropped to 70 instead of the usual 50. With this in mind, it makes no sense to drop a skill 50 points when those 50 points take easily 2-3x as long to get back as a point in each body stat. In other words, why would you waive the stat loss but not the skill loss when the loss of skill is far greater? Also, if I'm not mistaken, other champs who lost prayer as a result of this forced dechamp had their skill fixed, so it seems rather strange that Snoo's case is being tossed aside.
  4. Honestly really like this idea. Devs should take it one step further and make actual pride banners for the game. As I fully support this, please send me a full set of rainbow flags and banners to Ciray pls.
  5. 5 Troll King~ 3 silver each Send to Ciray pls
  6. I'm gonna slap this with a -1. God tier accs that champ and become even stronger are definitely a problem, but generally they are a problem even prior to champing. It is usually the stacking of tomes, med path abilities, and certain artis, on top of champhood, that make an acc essentially unkillable. Remove champhood and these accs are still miles ahead of newer accs, so its not like a change like this would make a world of difference. In fact, champhood actually allows newer players a chance to level the playing field by bringing their acc more in line with those who have played the game for years already. Rather than outright removing the feature, I think a balance to how the bonuses stack on stronger accs would be a much more sound solution to the issue at hand.
  7. Congrats, Ammar is the winner! I’ll pm you to sort out delivery.
  8. Bump - 14hrs left to get ur hands on this beaut!
  9. Sent. Enjoy! [16:42:03] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Ading in less than ten minutes.