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  1. I'm gonna slap this with a -1. God tier accs that champ and become even stronger are definitely a problem, but generally they are a problem even prior to champing. It is usually the stacking of tomes, med path abilities, and certain artis, on top of champhood, that make an acc essentially unkillable. Remove champhood and these accs are still miles ahead of newer accs, so its not like a change like this would make a world of difference. In fact, champhood actually allows newer players a chance to level the playing field by bringing their acc more in line with those who have played the game for years already. Rather than outright removing the feature, I think a balance to how the bonuses stack on stronger accs would be a much more sound solution to the issue at hand.
  2. Congrats, Ammar is the winner! I’ll pm you to sort out delivery.
  3. Bump - 14hrs left to get ur hands on this beaut!
  4. Sent. Enjoy! [16:42:03] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Ading in less than ten minutes.
  5. Apologies for the trouble, the merchant will be restocked with banners and flags asap! As for tall banners and tents, I usually handle those by order only. If you are interested shoot me a pm and we'll get you sorted.
  6. Sent a 105 CoC to ya. Enjoy! [15:21:15] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Ading in less than ten minutes.
  7. Unfortunately, the hatchet has already been sold but I sent the steel and flint. Enjoy! [13:26:05] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Ading in less than ten minutes.
  8. Rare Pandemonium Wagon [01:09:29] A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from lingonberrywood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 17.922817, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Ciray, has been etched in the stern. Starting Bid: 20s Min Increments: 1s Snipe Protection: 1hr Buyout: 50s The wagon is currently located at T-10/11 Celebration and can either be picked up there, or winner can choose to have it delivered to any coastal location. Private bids will be accepted and posted anonymously here. Happy bidding!
  9. +1 as long as there's limits on PvP servers when enemies are in local/outside friendly influence.
  10. If you're interested in Panda PMK tents, shoot me a pm. Below is a screenshot of their graphics.