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  1. [SOLD]WTA Rare Statue of Goblin

    Congrats, Shakys wins! Please check pms! Edit: Sold, can close!
  2. [SOLD]WTA Rare Statue of Goblin

    Bump - 4 hours left to get your hands on this beaut!!
  3. Auctioning this ready-to-complete rare goblin statue fragment! Start Bid: 2s Min. Increments: 50c Snipe Protection: 1hr Buyout: 15s No Reserve Fragments will be mailed from Chaos to the winner at the end of the auction. Happy Bidding!
  4. Remove /who from PvP servers

    Pls show me where I stated that people wouldn't go out 'at all'. Of course some people will still roam, as they do now, but the bigger kingdom(s) will see less action than they do now. Also, fwiw smaller kingdoms can still pull traps/contest certain areas without getting caught immediately with /who. Your very kingdom had done it before it's numbers were bolstered.
  5. Remove /who from PvP servers

    What about the scenario where Timmy logs in and wants to go out roaming, can't see that 80% of the server isn't in his kingdom, but feels this is the case anyway and stays on deed imping his chain barding? This will be the case more often than not, for all kingdoms, unless they can clearly see their kingdom has overwhelming numbers, with several players willing to go out roaming with them. This change will do nothing for the smaller kingdoms as far as getting them off deed, and will only kill PvP more. But hey, go ahead and give it a go and we'll find out the hard way!
  6. Remove /who from PvP servers

    -1 After this WU hype is over, nobody but TC will leave deed when they can't see how many others are online.
  7. [SOLD]WTS Slime of Uttacha

    Sold, can close.
  8. [SOLD]WTS Slime of Uttacha

    50s charge has been sold already, sorry @Rocklobstar.
  9. [SOLD]WTS Slime of Uttacha

    Bump - deal of the day! Selling one of the 2 remaining slime charges for only 50s!! Don’t miss out!
  10. [SOLD]WTS Wand of the Seas

  11. [SOLD]WTS Slime of Uttacha

    Bump - 2 charges still for sale!
  12. [SOLD]WTS Slime of Uttacha

    This crystal vial contains the paralyzing slime of Uttacha, a giant slug living leagues deep in the Shaded Depths of Valrei. It has one charge left. Spell granted: True Strike (Next hit is 100% Crit) Resistance: Slash 15% (Decreases slash damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Crush 10% (Increases crush damage taken by 10%) Price: 70s for the remaining charge. *May also be interested in trading for other tomes, pm me if you would like to discuss a trade.*
  13. [SOLD]WTS Wand of the Seas

  14. Charm Animal not giving loyal or better

    As I said, all casts have been 40+ power, and I can assure u low channeling is not an issue. Even the nervous cast I put in the example was 40+ power, as I did not get a channeling tick when casting.