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  1. All there is for you to do is read walls of pop up text, you can just walk back the way you came to get back to the gate once you read what you wanted too
  2. My characters waiting at the gate, and theres a sign to the side that says tutorial and theres a steel gimmer gate A GM's been sitting in a tent by the gate most of the day
  3. And? you are able to change servers to keep killing them. Nothings stopping you. I think its fine, you're getting items(everyone in the area not just one or two) that are new and can farther enchant items. Wait for the add on to be ironed out and debugged before wanting it changed for your greed and leak of drive to do a GATHERING HUNT
  4. But but but -lowers ears-
  5. While I was on in the starting area there were players already talking about how little they got from them, and what are they going after next. Soo, my guess would be very slim
  6. Well, from what my friend told me when he wouldnt stop bugging me about trying it out, most breeders tend to have over 100 critters on hand. And well.. 100 mini dragons x.x Im sure those that kill the big ones will have trouble handling them until they start spreading out more.
  7. Any chance could linking Xanadu be pushed back to maybe 3 weeks or a month? Giving us new players a little more time to get ourselves settled in before the overwhelming zerg of 70+ skilled players charge at us?
  8. <.,< ooh all the nightmares will be had when a dragon breeding deed disbands and they break free
  9. Oh my lord, so much complaining about dragon/drake armor and what map should link to what, sheesh..... Is there any kind of release on what time the server will be opened? Or even a counter :3 P.S Go flood the suggestion thread about changing this and that, my goodness... I mean.. isnt that what it was made for? P.S.S I've been watching the server player count and I see that there's 9 users (most likely the GM's) and Im over here in my own world flailing around spinning my chair demanding to be allowed in X.,X -cries in corner-