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  1. Update Failed! ???

    updating , thnx
  2. Update Failed! ???

    i think is aussie thing like you say ?
  3. Update Failed! ???

    mine wont update either, did soft boot connection etc Update failed, Error , (Error opening connection to patch server)
  4. notice big fire on electrum hanging lamps, thought i'd share thnx
  5. preview client crash v2 - java web laucher crash.

    yeah still on legacy then .......... am looking
  6. hey posted elsewhere but client crashes just before loading on Modern render
  7. preview client crash v2 - java web laucher crash.

    here is also is my log, crashed when almost loaded
  8. Xanadian Inn Megathread

    Rusty Nail Inn @ Carpentaria map co-ords 3257,-4014 as requested by jackjones
  9. Xanadu Community Map

    new deed Carpentaria 2359, -4019 no longer 1st deed Sulphur Alms 6805, -4923
  10. Xanadu Community Map

    Hey new deed under construction Carpentaria 3262, -4019 thnx
  11. close pls Supreme Great Helm

    Auction ended Congratulations to Cathor with a winning bid of 25s Please tell me what toon to send it to eg Cathor
  12. close pls Supreme Great Helm

    its steel and improvable ofc , not heard of pottery ones