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  1. Pandylynn in her Purple Plate and Helm
  2. Please send to Beastwolf thanks
  3. Me with my Shillelagh ready for St. Patty's day.
  4. green dye on black and white drake
  5. How much for the banners and tall banners
  6. Hey all this is Kristof, I know own Beastwolf I gave him his shots so he don't have rabies anymore, might still have some cooties though. So let everyone know that Beastie is good hands and has had his shots updated! So happy Wurming to everyone.....
  7. Can you cod 3x forest giant bloods to Hepha in game please thanks
  8. Happy New Year Cele I have updated the map removed some villages and add new ones. Thanks for your patience. If anyone would like to take over the mapping of Cele please let me know can send me a pm here our in game thanks again
  9. OK grabbed the updated dump and fixed it sorry had a brainfart blame Pandy... lol
  10. The map has been updated also add the new Celebration isometric map and removed the older maps so the layout and areas so look like where you are at Have fun wurming.
  11. i think you need to Pandylynn in there somewhere she is just as much trouble lol
  12. Map has been updated with the new villages on it if there is any issues or mess ups on the map please let me know thank you for your patience.
  13. Ok sorry i haven't updated real life decided to get in the way. I know it gets in the way of good Wurming time for all of us.I am working on the update thanks for the patience.