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  1. E21 for Peaceful Harbor I20 for the northmere marble bridge and D19 for the northmere canal
  2. Yeah honestly i don't like the movement thing going on its really hard to keep track of animals had to baby horse in the wall didn't even now they were born chickens dying because there running to much. I do appreciate the dev team working on the movement of animals. But the actions the animals are doing at the moment are not natural in the least.:(
  3. Can stop by Peaceful Harbor in the ne desert also there is the heritage northmere canal the Marble bridge are all great places
  4. Wood rune of Fo, bronze 10,55ql 17c Wood rune of Fo, bronze 21,64ql 36c Wood rune of Fo, bronze 35,95ql 70c Please Cod to Hepha
  5. On the bridge page all the new bridges follow the marble stats to build just thought i would give you a heads up on that one
  6. In one day the chickens have stomped down all but one grass tile. After turning on creature movement there running around like crack monkeys this isn't even right,.
  7. Prayers to the family and friends. Rysann was a neighbor on cele when she was over here. Will be missed,
  8. Peaceful Harbor will be on the new highway system
  9. This is the new Highway system that is being worked on. I want to start a list of villages that are wanting to be connected to the new highway system and road projects that need to be done to make access and travel faster on our awesome server Celebration. So if you would liek your village attached to the new highway system please post here thanks everyone and Happy Wurming.
  10. Map updated today July 1st everyone have a great weekend. Thank you for the information and heads up on new deeds and deeds that are no more this helps a lot.
  11. hatchet, BOTD88: 1s 40c can you please cod this to Kristof
  12. Crystal rune of Libila, bronze 20,51ql 33c can you cod these to Kristof thank you
  13. Ok so I am back on the Kristof account also Yeah so I will be updating the map this weekend so if there are any changes please let me know thank you
  14. I think it was named Sunrise lake at one time, but not for sure. And i will be updating the map this weekend and will be removing and Adding new deeds thanks everyone
  15. Stone rune of magranon, zinc 27,80ql 49c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 31,47ql 58c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 20,05ql 32c Stone rune of magranon, zinc 26,67ql 47c Please COD these to Kristof