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  1. Or maybe..... devs should add an option to manually respawn templars at the token. Then we don't have to go dig them out when they're stuck and spamming local.
  2. I agree that the decay is way too high on deed atm. So far, I've lost a fountain, catapult, meditation rugs and an oven. These items don't show a partially decayed state, so they must be examined. The ships are taking a lot of damage, too, it seems, and they are on deed. I repaired all the rafts (~20) and some backpacks that I keep inside of the rafts and 2 days later, they all have significant damage again. Granted, the quality of the backpacks and rafts aren't too high, but this is getting ridiculous. If you're going to keep it this way, at least make items like fountains, rugs, ovens and the like show a partially damaged state so that we may tend to it without going around and manually examining everything. I'm just really upset that the limited time that I have to play is now spent going around the deed and repairing stuff. Please make items on deed take no decay or at least greatly reduced decay.
  3. Island Plans

    That's a beautiful project! Good luck with it.
  4. Something like this should be on the wiki.
  5. 5 - 5 = 0 and 0/2 = 0 not, 2. But I get what you're saying. On topic, Every time there is a downtime compensation, these threads appear. It seems like a lot of people feel it is an issue that should be addressed by the dev team. I've seen suggested before a separate bar that only fills with sleep bonus when there is a compensation by the devs. I like that solution the best and hope that the devs will consider adding it in at some point.
  6. The tile warps that UO has would be awesome. Maybe something a priest could enchant? Basically you "connect" two tiles and when you step on one, you warp to the other, if it's in the same building. I agree, right clicking to climb the ladder is too tedious. I had beds on the second floor, and I had to put beds on the ground floor now because I don't like climbing the ladders.
  7. Finally got around to giving this a try. At first, it shut down quickly, as the other poster had said earlier. However, I got it to work and I am not quite sure what I did, but I know I clicked a button in properties which said "Unblock this item". I remember seeing a notice which said "This item came from another computer and has been blocked for your safety." It had a little button beside it which read "Unblock this item." Or something like that. Anyways, after I unblocked it, it works perfectly!! This was not from an anti virus because I don't have one running. I believe it is a setting in Windows 7 64bit Home Premium. Hope it helps those of you who can't get it to run! tldr: If you can't get it to run, try right clicking the ExpCalc icon and selecting properties. Look in the general tab for that button that says "Unblock this item." I just wish I could make the font a little bigger as my eyes get a little strained trying to read it. However, I love the information this program provides and thank you very much for your effort and for sharing with the community!
  8. Today: [14:07:26] Aged huge spider is dead. R.I.P. [14:07:36] A venerable huge spider eats a corpse of aged huge spider. It butchered the corpse before I got to it lol. It wasn't even starving >.<
  9. Close Please

    Sounds great! I would like to see a "Deal or No Deal" as seen in SNFF's video of the Indy impalong. Looks like lots of fun. =)
  10. I'm missing an Aged white Heartgrey (female) if anyone sees her. Probably near sloping sands since I rode her over there yesterday. Also, if any of my past customers are missing horses, please contact me for a replacement (free!). Also, if anyone else is missing a horse, please post details and I will find a replacement for you for free. (Must pick up from Jaded Cove, no deliveries). I hope everyone will be honest with what they are missing. Also if anyone has found a horse, post notice here. It seems like most people have found their horses, but for any who are still missing, let's try and find them. =) Coconut
  11. Loved the video. It was great to see a developer with a humble sense of humor. Often when any video series starts, the beginning videos seem amateurish and silly, but they soon grow into a mature, artistic and polished means of communication. I think they are just experimenting and trying to find what "style" works best for them. Keep up the videos!! Keep experimenting with different styles! It's definitely one for the history books =)
  12. I wonder if it's because you didn't have a "new" door? Just guessing. =)
  13. Really, all they need in the tutorial is "Press H". Now search "digging". Now search "wooden house". and +1 on keeping a compass. Then let them wander thru that tutorial area seeing what is possible, then set them free! That is all.
  14. +1 This bugs me, too. When a wall goes up, the trees shouldn't be able to come through.