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  1. Minecraft is like a huge pixel version of Wurm.. You can do anything, make your own lasting mark on the land, be a part of an awesome, close knit community and live a second life whenever you come home from work/study essentially The game has no 'end game' no final goals or anything, no one has every skill maxed out, in fact, a lot of skills have still yet to hit max on anyones account. Patience is more important than ever when it comes to Wurm however, gratification won't be found quickly, however the end result of your hard work is always worth it! Good luck, hope to stumble upon your homestead one day and admire it
  2. Surprised people assume this wasn't a bug to begin with.
  3. I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish but wat? This games community compared to any other game I've ever played is beyond amazing. Every relationship you form or interaction you have reflects on your reputation throughout the community, I've bought something as simple as 'dirt' from people whom have since become friends and my go-to people when it comes to recommending them for their services or when ever I need to buy something again. If you happen to be a bit of d-bag to people, you'll find out quickly enough how much your reputation matters in the game.
  4. Xanadu

    I'm really hoping the plan works well for them, they've dedicated a lot of their lives to this game and I want to see it get the recognition it deserves.
  5. Well spotted, Eyesgood. Do you think they'll have different portals for the different locations people can spawn in? So friends can take the same portal and end up in the same area of Xanadu..? Otherwise everyone will be lost for at least a week.
  6. Made a custom order with these guys and they got on to it asap for an awesome price. Thanks again, Xallo and Alyeska!
  7. Promotion

    I really hope the advertisement idea works, otherwise Xanadu will spread the current population so thin the community will barely exist on any server at all. I wonder how many people Rolf would ultimately like to attract to the game..
  8. Be grateful it wasn't something extremely valuable or belonging to someone else.. ;D Hopefully that means you'll go another 10,000 casts without a high ql shatter.
  9. I still think those who WANT to pvp will get to chaos regardless of where it is and the idea of having Chaos as a 'risky shortcut' for pvers wanting to deliver across borders isn't a good idea, we should all live in harmony together and at the same time, out of each others way round world +1 Chaos being in the way of other servers -1 Chaos being readily accessible to/from all servers +1 Now how ^ that is done will be left to those smarter than myself xD
  10. I agree on the round world idea, perhaps Xanadu in the middle, cele/deli top(north) or whatever combination, exodus + indy bottom (south), chaos to the left (west) and P&R to the right (east).. This way all the pve servers can connect pretty easily to one another, the except might be P&R having to travel further to reach the eastern side of Xanadu without crossing into Chaos.. I don't want Chaos to be excluded but there's a very definitive line between those who want to engage in pvp and those who don't. Should be kept that way.