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    I think I already know what's wrong - I will fix that in the next patch. I've used the latest Oracle Java for testing and never had problems with it. If this is an option you could try that until it is fixed. I had a similar idea. Something like a minimum and a maximum value but the bias slider is a great idea too. I think when I use some good default values someone who doesn't needs it can just ignore it but it is there when someone really wants to change it. I want to do the same for tree age. I spent much time to find out where the different trees grow and which which paramters are needed to create a good looking landscape but I think it was worth it. I also wonder why the snow isn't ingame yet. It is much more realistic when there is snow on high mountains.
  2. WurmWorldGenerator

    Yes, it does. The graphic driver doesn't like a shader variable called 'output' (even when I couldn't find it in the shader specification). I've renamed it and updated the current 1.0.2-beta version. I think it works now.
  3. WurmWorldGenerator

    My friend suggested exactly the same I will create a new start dialog which makes creating and loading maps easier. Neither. I'm using OpenGL and render the map on a huge off-screen texture. Since maps are very image like it is perfectly suited for map generation. As long as the graphic card supports OpenGL 3.3 there shouldn't be any big problems. It would even be possible to get it working on older hardware but I would have to write a fork for each shader because the OpenGL shading language changed alot since its first release. When the number of mining actions is not set the wurm map api automatically sets it to 1000. I will add an option so you can set the number of actions for each vein.
  4. WurmWorldGenerator

    @Sarcaticous Good to hear that it's working @BadLuckBirt No, you don't do anything wrong and the application log helps alot. Your graphic card has problems to compile some shaders. Unfortunately the logger removed the error message with the reason why it fails. I've changed the shaders now and fixed the problem with the logger so it shows a detailed message if the error still occurs. @Borgir It is a bug in one of the libraries I use then. I removed the code that causes the error completely now - it was only there to add support for multiple monitors. I hope that it works then
  5. WurmWorldGenerator

    Thanks for the feedback! @Borgir I hope that I solved the problem now. Tell me if there is still something strange happening. @BadLuckBurt When you create a new map it started with an empty document without generators. I've uploaded a new version now which has predefined generators so there is something you can start with. @Zenity I knew that I forgot something important but couldn't remember anymore what it was I've uploaded a new version now which scales the window if it is larger than the screen. @Crustyfoot It is possible with a few clicks. You can import a complete and realistic biome list over Data > Import. In the "template" folder is a template called "Upland.biomes" which has biomes for trees, swamps, coast and resources. The same works for ores.
  6. WurmWorldGenerator

    Manual The map is created in multiple steps. To make the changes of a step permanent you have to click on the 'Apply' button. If you change for example the terrain and click 'Apply' then you'll also have to click on 'Apply' on all following steps. 1. Terrain generation The terrain is generated by means of combining multiple layers. A layer can be either a noise function, a value or a border. These layers can be blended with different blending modes. 1.1 Noise Generator The noise layers are used to generate the terrain. For more complex landscapes you'll need more than one layer. A good way to create a landscape with mountains is to use a noise generator with 8-Layers and a factor of 300 as a base layer and a second noise generator with a cutoff from 0.5 to 0.75 and a factor of 500 for the mountains. Both can be found in the preset list. You can also set the blending mode of the mountain layer to 'subtract' to make the sea deeper or to create lakes. 1.2 Value Generator Generates a fixed value. Mainly used to change the water level (together with 'subtract' blending mode). 1.3 Border Generator Generates a border which can have rounded corners to aviod artifacts. Border generators should be added at the end of the list. A combination of a border with 'multiply' blending and a factor of 0.6 and a border with 'subtract' and a value that is high enough so that no land hits the edge work good. Both can be created with 'Add > Border (fade out)' and 'Add > Border (lower)'. 2. Soil Controls how much dirt is dropped on a tile. Height controls how much dirt is dropped in flat areas, Slide Start is the slope where the dirt starts to slide down the hill and Slide End is the slope at which the rock becomes visible. 3. Biomes A biome can be either a ground tile or a tree/bush. Biomes can be restricted to a height (in meters) and a slope (in 'dirts'). They can also be filtered by a noise function if you like a natural looking distrubtion accross the map. You can also choose a noise preset if you don't want to create your own one. If you choose a noise preset it is copied to the biome and you can change it by clicking on the '...' button without changing the original file. If you don't like to create your own biomes you can also choose a template from the template folder ('Data > Import'). 3.1 Tree/Bush biomes These biome type has an additional parameter to control the frequency of a tree or bush. If you use a noise filter make sure that the cutoff span is large enough (at least 0.2). The algorithm won't work properly otherwise. The brighter the noise is the more likely it is that a tree grows on this tile. 3.2 Flower biomes Flowers biomes have like trees and bushes a slider to control the frequency. Flowers can only grow on grass hence they are ignored when they are not an a grass tile. For this reason you should use a high frequency here. 4. Ores You can create deposits like biomes and they also have a 'frequency' parameter. Here you should use really high values (between 0.9 and 0.95) otherwise the ores will be very rare and nearly impossible to find. You can also import a list with all ores with 'Data > Import'. There is a template with normal deposits and one with special ores like adamantine and glimmersteel in the template folder. 5. Noise functions Nearly everything can be controlled by a noise function so it is important to understand how it works in detail. To generate 'noise' that looks like clouds (which is also used for terrain generation) multiple layers with random values are needed. Every layer is scaled down which can be controlled with the Scaling slider. If you don't like to achieve a specific effect it is the best to use a scaling with [start to start+layers]. When you do this every layer has the half size of the previous layer. You can controll the balance between the smaller layers and the larger layers with the Detail slider. When you don't use the cutoff parameter the result of the noise function is between -1 and +1. On this way you can use the factor to define how high the generated terrain is. When you use the cutoff parameter the result of the noise function is between 0 and 1. When enabled the value is restricted to the cutoff range. A noise function with a cutoff can be used to filter biomes and to generate mountains.
  7. WurmWorldGenerator

    After long work I can finnally release the first version of my map generator. I've called it 'WurmWorldGenerator' to avoid confusion with the other one. All generation algorithms are executed on the GPU and it can even show all changes in realtime. In order to run the application you need a good graphic card with OpenGL 3.3 support and Java 8. You can download the latest version on sourceforge: Features Uses the graphic card to generate the map Can display changes in realtime Each step can be edited Generation data can be saved Current Limitations At the monent the full map is updated if a parameter is changed. No zoom function is available. Requirements Java 8 Graphic card with OpenGL 3.3 support ChangeLog Version 1.1.0 (2015-11-18) new start dialog menus and toolbar flower biomes possibility to change number of mining actions Version 1.0.1 (2015-11-15) map template scale window if larger than screen fix of problem with dirt generation