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  1. really don't intend to cheat we are both noobs, and i had a friend from another kingdom, in order for me to safely visit i had to convert to a PMK. which i now realize was a horrible mistake when i tried to go back. My room mate has only been playing a few days so i am going to wait it out i guess till i can rejoin my old kingdom. the main problem is that i didn't realize i would have to wait to rejoin jenn kellon and i also wasn't aware of spy protection, just wanted to explore and venture out. anyways thank you guys for your response
  2. Hey guys whenever i try and log in it is telling me someone else in jenn kellon is playing from my ip address. my room mate also plays but from a different computer. i recently left jenn kellon to temporarily join another kingdom while on Elevation, when i came back i started having this problem, i can't log on at all. could someone let me know how to solve this. thank you