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  1. Title, just wondering if the new Modern Renderer is already in WU and if not at what time it will possibly come.
  2. Same with our Server, down since 15 Hours....
  3. Update: Wir haben eine HOTA Zone. Wir bieten Bau (Infrastruktur) und Kampf-Events, auch ein Irrgarten ist geplant. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We have a HOTA Zone. We run Build and Battle Events and a Labyrinth is planned.
  4. +1 trillion, bring back the Animal Sound!!!
  5. I did enable that on Day 1 of the Patch, but now grow speed of Fields is out of controll.
  6. So.... what does "Crop tile poller split" mean anyway? Looks like Fields are growing in a mess now, totally random grow time.
  7. Hi, Since your Mod Loader is allready a part of Citadell Server Admin-Panel, would it be possible that you add the Bounty Mod? The Maker wasn´t seen since 22 Feb and i don´t know how to update the Mod to the newest Patch.... Best Regards Caduryn
  8. Hi, Is there a way to reset a running HOTA? It seems the4. Pillar is not spawning, allready looked since 4 Hours with GM fligh, nothing Happens right after patch. Best Regards Caduryn
  9. The Log Files shows nothing, dropping Dirt changed it to dirt, but Rock still 1 below where it normally should be 30 slopes below.