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  1. Steam Reviews..... seriously? ^^ Thats the last thing on Earth one should taken seriously. ^^
  2. No, absolutly not, it is actually not really known in the MMORPG and PC Gaming World i would say.
  3. +1 Even more so since those Cookies are really real and sold since 20 Years. ^^ Sägemehlkekse - - Körperreinigung - Innen & Außen
  4. A 32x32 Server on Steam Start.....? That would have been the biggest disaster in Wurms History. Look how broken and laggy Xanadu is with a few Players..... My personal Opinion would be that Melody was a misstake, Harmony and Cadence alone would have been perfect. And yes REMOVE THAT SIGN AT THE TUTORIAL PORTAL ASAP!!!!
  5. This Message should be removed asap!!... on both Harmony and Melody select screen, Melody is now even more dead then Harmony....
  6. Holy Crop Rdy

    [22:04:45] As the Holy Crop ritual is completed, followers of Fo may now receive a blessing!
  7. Great..... Steam was over like 18h ago.....
  8. So when exactly will the Sale end on Steam Launcher?
  9. n/a

    Im going to say he never played Priest before when he thinks that 42 channeling is enough....
  10. He wants to, read the Topic. But i agree, there is absolutly no need of a Bridge there since there are Bridges at N 14 and P 16
  11. oops.... yeah.... Q 15.... ^^
  12. hm..... wouldnt it be ALOT easier to make it at Q 15....?
  13. Its just a random event. You need it anyway for Journal.
  14. Ros has been cast

    [17:53:46] As the Rite of Spring is completed, followers of Vynora may now receive a blessing!
  15. Templerhof 898,822 Templerhof Canal 894,848 Highway: [892,848], [898,848], [898,846], [905,841], [905,826], [899,820]